Your Bigger, Better Local Newspaper – The Mad River Union

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Welcome to the first edition of the Mad River Union. As you know, the Union includes the combined forces of the former Arcata Eye and McKinleyville Press. More importantly, it represents a union with the Northern Humboldt community.

The mission of the Mad River Union is to inform, entertain and empower readers to make educated choices via in-depth community journalism. That includes bold coverage of issues, events, politics, people, crime and everything else of interest.

As with the previous newspapers, we’ll speak truth to power, ask difficult questions and hold our leaders and institutions to their commitments.

The Union will also provide a platform for citizens to address issues of concern, the only requirements being attribution and conciseness.

The Union consists of an experienced, able and newly re-enthused staff aided by a constellation of weekly volunteers and a larger galaxy of community reader-supporters. We invite and require your participation on all levels – with subscriptions, advertising, tips, letters and criticism.

While we’re relatively  pleased with our first edition, it is only a beginning. Over time, the Union’s look and feel will evolve, its content will grow and mature and the paper will expand to all the other platforms that optimize content delivery in our modern age – website (going live today), Facebook page (already up), Twitter feed, tablet app, podcast and sponsored events.

Welcome to the Mad River Union!


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