Wruck answers allegation with apology, offers CAB meeting preview

Kevin L Hoover
Mad River Union

HUMBOLDT STATE – The Humboldt State University vice president accused by a KHSU staff member of inappropriate conduct during a station staff meeting has responded with apologies and further information.

KHSU Office Manager Lorna Bryant stated that University Advancement Vice President Craig Wruck yelled at her and stifled her speech during the July 11 meeting. Bryant described the incident and the trauma she suffered in a letter sent to various university officials and elected representatives.

"I'm very sorry that I hurt her that way," Wruck said this afternoon.

HSU Vice President of University Advancement Craig Wruck.

He said the meeting was a heated one, with people in attendance talking over each other while discussing some violations of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules and an impending audit of the radio station. The exchange between him and Bryant took place amid the chaotic crosstalk, Wruck said.

"The discussion was difficult at times,"he said. "I did apologize at the time and later, but I fell short." Wruck said he would apologize to Bryant again.

"The staff is under stress," he said. "I'm sorry that came out that way."

Audit anxiety

Exacerbating the present contentious climate, Wruck said that "anxiety is amping up" at the station over some recent violations of FCC rules. Those have been discussed at meetings of the Community Advisory Board, and include missing station identification announcements and an incident of profanity used on the air. Though seemingly minor infractions, Wruck said that "There is no such thing as a minor violation when the FCC is involved."

But, he said, the complaints were resolved without fines.

Still looming though, is a top-to-bottom audit of the station to be conducted by California State University. While a forensic audit had been urged by at least one CAB member during its June monthly meeting, HSU President Lisa Rossbacher is looking for for something much more comprehensive.

In a July 19 letter to CSU Vice Chancellor and Chief Audit Officer Larry Mandel (see below), Rossbacher asks the Office of Audit and Advisory Services for a review of the station "as soon as your staff's schedule permits."

Writes Rossbacher, "I believe HSU will benefit greatly from an evaluation of KHSU operations, administration, and oversight, including a review of processes for authorizing access to KHSU work areas and transmitter sites."

She also asks for reviews of the station's accounts payable, intra-staff and HSU-KHSU communication, FCC license oversight, volunteer engagement and training, and whether compliance audits should be asked of the California Broadcasters Association.

Wruck said he would discuss the audit at Wednesday's CAB meeting, scheduled for July 25 at 6:30 p.m. in BSS Room 166.

He said he'll ask the CAB to look at creation of a "vision and purpose statement" to be completed this fall. That would help inform annual and tactical plans for the station.



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