Work in progress at V&N Burger Bar location, will re-open as something, sometime

The former V&N Burger Bar is undergoing renovation, and may be open with a new name and menu later this year. KLH | Union

Kevin L. Hoover
Mad River Union

ARCATA – While you can't order a hamburger at the defunct V&N Burger Bar right now, it looks like you'll be able to sometime later this year.

The iconic restaurant, which closed two years ago after 52 years in operation, will re-open under a different name, and its cuisine is still uncertain. "It's all up in the air," said new owner Dean Smither. "Every day I have a different dream."

Smither, who opened the successful Lighthouse Plaza in Manila, is busy refurbishing the V&N site at Samoa Boulevard and I Street. Parking lot rehab and ADA work is in progress, and Smither said people are stopping by constantly to ask what's going on.

His tentative vision is consistent with the V&N tradition: simple, affordable food. "Arcata restaurants are good, but they're expensive," he said.

Whatever name and menu he settles on, Smither said it could be in place and open by Christmas.


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