Mad River Union

ARCATA – If a white plastic goat turns up in your local thrift store, eBay listings or teenager’s bedroom, consider giving Arcata Police a call at (707) 822-2428. Because just such a goat was stolen from Richard’s Goat Tavern & Tea Room on Samoa Boulevard sometime in the early morning hours of Monday, June 25.

“This would have been premeditated and involved power tools (it was bolted down in multiple places) and either a giant, conspicuous ladder or access to one of the tenants’ windows upstairs,” said tavern co-owner Aimee Hennessey.

Though the business’s interior is surveilled by cameras, the outside wasn’t, allowing the goat rustler(s) time to dismantle the mounting and make off with the goat. “It would have taken at least 15 minutes to get it unbolted,” she said. “

She said the goat cost something like $500 all told. “If it doesn’t come back, we’ll try and replace it,” she said. “It’s heavy, too. Somebody was really determined to get our goat.”


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