Whither Arcata’s potato?

The City of Arcata seal.

ARCATA PLAZA – Something so far undiscussed in the public debate over the McKinley statue is its presence in the City of Arcata seal. The seal, popularly known as the "potato," bears an image of the Plaza with a pre-planter statue in its center.

Will this be changed to reflect the new, McKinley-free town square, or retained as a historical image?

“There has been no formal discussion (although a few questions),” said City Manager Karen Diemer. “My initial thought is to shade out where the statue is. In small scale it is barely visible.”

Continued Diemer, “Branding is important for cities and the ‘potato’ is very recognized. Whole scale redesign is expensive and the council’s goal setting indicated to me they have priorities set on infrastructure, technology (5G), housing, reducing natural gas and the emissions associated with its use, public safety and quality of life activities that make Arcata the unique and fun place it is to spend time.”




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