Where To Buy


Wildberries Marketplace


Los BagelsArcata

Northcoast Co-op

Arcata Pizza & Deli

Emerald Coast Laundry

Northtown Books

Big Blue Cafe

Couple Cups Coffee Shop

The Alibi

Arcata Liquors

The Coffee Break


La Dolce Video

The Phone Surgeon/Verizon

The Hutch Liquor Store

Murphy's Sunny Brae

Westwood Murphy's Market

Companion Animal Sunny Brae

4th Street Market & Deli

Arcata City Hall

Greenview Market

Alliance 76

Arcata Post Office

CVS Pharmacy Uniontown

The Liquor Still

Macintosh Country Store

Espresso 101 Coffee Stop

Ray's Food Place

Toni's Diner

Village Pantry

Patriot Station

Chevron Valley West

California Welcome Center/Arcata Chamber of Commerce


Six Rivers Brewery

Carmela's Mexican Restaurant

McKinleyville Office Supply

Niveen's Restaurant


Cask 'n Flask

Central Ave. Sandwich

Blake's Books

Round Table Pizza

Beau Pre Golf Course

Post Office

Roger's Market Ray's Market (Inside north door)

Ray's Market (Rack outside by School Rd.)

Safeway Murray 76 @ 101 & Murray

76 Gas Station @ Reasor & Central Ave.



North Coast Co-op

Humboldt County Courthouse 4th Street

Pierson Building Center



Trinidad Chevron

Murphy's Market


Blue Lake


Murphy's Blue Lake

777 Casino Gas Station