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Humboldt County Press Release

Board Approves Changing Name of Airport

EUREKA –The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors today approved renaming the County’s Airport. What used to be known as the Arcata/Eureka Airport at McKinleyville will now be California Redwood Coast – Humboldt County Airport.

Airport sign“This will be a great thing for our area,” said First District Supervisor Rex Bohn. “When people want to go see the world famous Redwood trees, they will know that Humboldt County is the place to go, and our airport is the place to fly in to. It also clears up a lot of confusion that came with the old name.”

The Redwood Region Economic Development Corporation, in partnership with the Humboldt County Department of Public Works, began pursuing the concept of changing the name as one method of branding our area and enhancing economic activity. In February the Humboldt County Airport Advisory Committee reviewed an extensive list of proposed names submitted by the public and presented three options today to the Board.

There are two official signs at the airport that would need to be revised. In addition, County staff will immediately begin the process of working through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval process to change the name. The airport code used by the FAA will remain ACV.



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  1. Steven Bridenbaugh said:

    Kevin Hoover It would be a great advertisement, in that it represents a value more than a state of being. I can see Letterman setting up a webcam in Fern Canyon, and calling it the Ecotopia webcam. Well, I don't see any dinosaurs right now. All clear in Ecotopia. Not that Ecotopia and Dinotopia are the same thing…

  2. Kevin Hoover said:

    It's a great idea, but they would have just flown over the mountaintops clearcut for pot plantations. Might be a bit of a truth in advertising issue there.

  3. Steven Bridenbaugh said:

    They missed an excellent opportunity. Ecotopia. It would be incredibly cool to hear the pilot say, we will land in Ecotopia, in fifteen minutes.

  4. Julie Baggett said:

    This is the stupidest waste of taxpayer money I have encountered in recent years. The Eureka-Arcata Airport in McKinleyville is so much more fun!

  5. Merry Maloney said:

    That's not much shorter than "big wide open flat place near the coastal redwoods with lots of fog so you can't always land"…

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