Weather Update: High Seas & A Wet Week

Union Staff Report

HUMBOLDT – Beachgoers should exercise caution this week, as large swells from distant Pacific storms are expected to continue to roll in and churn the coastline.

Swells are now at 10 to 12 feet and expected to rise by a couple feet today before subsiding. On Wednesday they’re expected to grow to 14 to 16 feet.

A rainy night on the Arcata Plaza. Photo by Matt Filar

A rainy night on the Arcata Plaza. Photo by Matt Filar

According to the National Weather Service, the swells will remain below the level in which “hazardous seas” are declared, although this will continue to be monitored.

As for the weather, it looks like another wet week, bringing much-needed rain to HumLand,

Today there is a 70 percent chance of rain, although amounts are expected to be minimal.

Tuesday is forecast to be wet and wild, with a 100 percent chance of rain. Winds will be at 11 to 18 mph, with gust up to 24 mph. Wind chimes will be battered.

Rain is expected to continue on and off until Friday, when the sun will make a prolonged appearance.

Rainfall totals are still less than half of what they should be for this time of the year.

The National Weather Service at Woodley Island in Eureka measured .66 of an inch on Saturday. But Friday was the main event, with 1.26 inches coming down on Valentine’s Day.

The Mad River Union’s Manila pluviameter measured similar amounts of precipitation, with a reading of .55 of an inch for Saturday and 1.26 inches on Friday.

That brings the Woodley Island total for the season, which began July 1, to 11.28 inches. Normal for this time of the year is 26.77. Last year was 23.91.

Sunset tonight is at 5:52 p.m. Sunrise on Tuesday is at 7:07 a.m.

Click here for Humboldt Bay North Spit tide tables.


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