Vote for your favorite superhero on Zelia Court

The Dutras.

Zelia Court News Bureau

ARCATA – Norman Dutra of Arcata gets creative when giving out candy during Halloween! He believes in teaching kids important things early on through fun. He is a genius.

Norm says, "When I answer the door, I always hold out a bag and ask the kids to give me a piece of candy first. It's a 2 way street here. It's not about just getting candy and running off to the next place.” He likes the ‘Trick” in Trick or Treat. “My wife, Leslie and I, have dressed our house in a costume for years now. We have decorated for early Christmas and handed out candy canes, Easter with jelly beans, Thanksgiving with Reese’s “pumpkin” pies, birthdays with Tootsie Pops and St. Patrick's with golden coins. This year we are holding an early Election Day - for best superhero. The choice is Spiderman or The Incredibles. Kids get to vote by placing a piece of their own candy in their favorite superhero's ballot box. In return they’ll get 2 pieces of candy and an "I voted" sticker.”

Always a kid at heart, Norm says, “May the best superhero win! I wonder how many voters I will get!!"

Cast your “vote” and join the fun at 3442 Zelia Ct. Arcata.


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