Vinny Devaney ill, getting treatment at UCSF

Vinny Devaney

Mad River Union

ARCATA – Former host of KHSU’s Fogou show, Gregg “Vinny” Devaney, has been diagnosed with two brain tumors. 

Friends have been assisting Devaney and his wife Kirsten Lindquist, spending time with the popular musician and bon vivant man-about-town as he prepares for surgery.

One tumor is located in his left frontal lobe, and is affecting his speech and memory. That will be treated at the University of California San Francisco this week. 

Another smaller tumor located at the back of his brain is likely to be treated with “gamma knife” radiation.

Lindquist said those interested in Devaney’s well-being should visit the Facebook page, “Love for Vinny,” and ask to join. The page features updates on Devaney’s condition and coordinates offers of assistance.



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