Video of Coast Guard rescue


DAMNATION CREEK – At 10:36 a.m.  May 13 the U.S. Coast Guard received a request for assistance from the National Park Service to assist a hiker trapped on a cliff one-quarter of a mile north of Damnation Creek, south of Crescent City.

Two Coast Guard MH-65D helicopters, who were already in the air conducting surf rescue training near the mouth of Humboldt Bay, were diverted to Damnation Creek, where they located a 29-year-old female who was clinging to the cliff side 150 feet above the beach.

Utilizing vertical surface rescue techniques, Rescue Swimmer Adam Carr was lowered by Flight Mechanic Justin Leddon to the woman, who had spent the night on the cliff and was suffering from exhaustion and exposure. The crew of 6558, piloted by Commander Kevin Barres and Lieutenant Josh Smith, successfully hoisted the woman into the helicopter and delivered her to awaiting park rangers at the Crescent City airport.


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