UPDATED: Un-aired City Council meeting available on Access Humboldt

Tthe 2017 Arcata City Council at the dais: (Left to right) Outgoing Mayor Paul Pitino, Councilmember Michael Winkler, Mayor Susan Ornelas, Vice Mayor Sofia Pereira, and Councilmember Mark Wheetley. Photo courtesy City of Arcata

Mad River Union

ARCATA – If you're wondering why last night's Arcata City Council meeting didn't stream online, or why you can't watch the archived video today, you aren't alone.  The city hasn't made any announcement about the non-broadcast, or provided any explanation on its website for the failure to post the meeting online today.

According to city Information Tech Manager Dillon Savage, construction and equipment malfunctions prevented broadcast. He said the meeting did stream over Access Humboldt, and may be available on its website later today.

Savage said AH is making a copy of the meeting available to the city, and that he may be able to post it on the city's site later today.

Update: the Jan. 4 Arcata City Council is now viewable on Accesss Humboldt.



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