Trinidad Tidings: The Hallmarks – at the heart of Trinidad life

Bob and Carol Hallmark are moving from their cozy home in the redwoods off Langford Road to Vancouver, Washington. 

There should be a crowded and raucous Town Hall gala to celebrate the much beloved Trinidad couple. However, with COVID-19 restrictions for gathering still in place, Bob and Carol are quietly moving to be closer to family. 

They will miss saying good-bye to countless friends but want the community to know they are leaving with the fondest memories of Trinidad life. 

Bob was a teenager when his parents, Earl and Neva Hallmark, purchased Hammond Lumber Company holdings, including the Trinidad Harbor area, in 1944. 

It took only three months to acquire all of the permits to build a pier, including the lease from the State Land Commission for the bay waters.

Construction began and the pier opened in 1946. The Hallmark family owned the pier, launching ramp, the Seascape Restaurant and Bob’s Boat Basin until 2000, when the Trinidad Rancheria purchased the property and began the process of replacing the old pier. 

Generations of Trinidad’s youth were employed piloting water taxis, helping with salmon and crab harvests and working at the restaurant over the decades.

Bob wrote in early days at “Bob’s Boat Basin, Where a Salmon is Always Guaranteed” that “The reason we could guarantee a salmon with every skiff we rented was we charged $4 a day and could buy a small silver salmon for $2. We quit using this guarantee after the season was poor in 1953. We asked the fishermen who didn’t catch a salmon to hold out their hands so we could drop the fish in them. That way they weren’t lying when they told their friends and buddies that they caught it!”

Fisherman, harbor manager, Humboldt County Harbor Commissioner, co-founder of the “The Trinidad Improvement Association” in 1953, which evolved into the Greater Trinidad Chamber of Commerce, philanthropist, craftsman and mentor of young people, Bob Hallmark and his family have been at the heart of the best of Trinidad life. 

Carol, famous for her baking, was questioned by her husband while packing up their belongings, on whether or not she was including her cookie sheets and baking pans. 

Carol replied, “yes, the kitchen will be open in Vancouver,” where they will be happy to see old friends.

Rest in Peace Robert McCune

Soldier, law enforcement officer, photographer, author, artisan, raconteur, and road trip adventurer with Maggie,his beloved wife of 36 years, Robert McCune died on June 28. 

Reserved, modest and dignified, he wished for no accolades at his passing, but his circle of Trinidad friends and beneficiaries of his professionalism, quiet spirit of volunteerism, and meticulous work on historic structures, will always treasure the memory of this fine man.

Advice on courtesy and safety

A thoughtful friend offers some common sense advice on coronavirus precautions: “Welcome to one of the world’s best places to visit. Please be safe and respect our practices regarding litter, driving, and especially COVID-19:

• Driving – Many of our local roads are single lane. Give way to oncoming motorists and bicyclists – enjoy the view while you are waiting.

Many sections of our roads are gravel. Please slow down to avoid raising clouds of dust – especially when passing pedestrians, bicyclists and other vehicles.

Tourists and locals are all out and about – drive slowly, watch for children and seniors.

 Visiting beaches, parks and viewpoints – Park off pavement – for your own safety and fellow travelers. Remove valuables from your vehicles – “snatch and grab” break-ins are an ongoing problem. Pack out your trash – extra credit for removing litter that wasn’t yours.

Practice social-distancing – especially on trails to/from beaches and in parks.

Wear a face-mask – whenever you are in within reasonable distance from other, non-family members. Wear a face mask as you approach others on trails.

In-Town – Wear a face mask in stores, markets, and other commercial and public buildings – bonus points for the most interesting mask patterns. Encourage others to wear masks – for your own safety. Practice social-distancing – especially inside builders.

• Locals (including all of Humboldt County) – We know we can rely on you to gently (but firmly) encourage any forgetful visitor to:

• Practice social distancing

• Wear a mask before entering business or public places

• Drive and park safely and courteously

• Remove trash and litter

• Act responsibly

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