Trinidad Tidings: Seaside village welcomes new manager, gets hotel update

Eli Naffah of Crescent City is Trinidad’s new city manager. He was introduced to a large gathering of Trinidad residents by Mayor Steve Ladwig at last week’s Trinidad City Council meeting. Eli Naffah has a background in economic development from 13 years of working in La Mirada, Montebello, Huntington Beach and Antioch. 

He also helped to incorporate Laguna Niguel. He was an associate professor at College of the Redwoods, teaching political science and business law and has served as city manager in Rio Dell, Crescent City and Phoenix, Oregon.

Trinidad has enjoyed the services of three city managers prior to the hiring of Naffah. Steve Albright was the first manager starting in 2009 followed by Karen Suiker and Dan Berman, who has also served as interim city manager since his resignation last year, endeavoring to provide a smooth transition for Naffah. 

The new city manager signed a contract with the city to work 30 hours per week, Monday through Thursday. Many on-going responsibilities are part of the manager’s job, including the city budget, law enforcement, overseeing water studies and engineering projects, Indian affairs negotiations with the Cher-ae Heights Indian Community of the Trinidad Rancheria, the Yurok Tribe and the Tsurai Ancestral Society, grant applications and more. It’s a big job for a little town. All of Trinidad welcomes Eli Naffah and wishes him well.

Three Star Plus Hyatt Hotel

Trinidad Rancheria Consultant David Tyson presented a program at the Trinidad City Council meeting on the new design for a five-story, 100 room hotel to be constructed next to the Cher-ae Heights Casino one mile south of Trinidad off Scenic Drive. 

The new hotel will include a fitness center, pool, 2,000 square foot conference space and a small fifth floor common area with outdoor patio seating. The dimensions of the hotel will be approximately 275 feet long and 60 feet wide. 

Tyson answered questions from the council and 19 audience members, including Jason Self, Richard Clompus, Carol Mone, Jim Vandegriff, Bryce Kenny, Don Allan, David Hankin, Linda Long, Jim Cuthbertson, Kathleen Lake, Barbara Kadlecik, Alan Grau, Richard Johnson, Leslie Farrar, Ellen Gore, Karl Ferguson, Larry Glass, Susan Engleman and Chris Nanville. 

Most of the questions concerned water capacity (the Rancheria plans to have all laundry services contracted off site), traffic, wastewater and slope stability. CEO Jacque Hostler-Carmesin was on hand to address concerns as well. 

Tyson reported that 368 separate comments in letters and emails have been addressed in the past five months. More public meetings will be held, and professional reports presented, before ground-breaking occurs.

Students from Kenya, Spain, France and India in Trinidad

Eratryphosa Wachaba of Nairobi, Kenya, Nani Bano and Tejashri A. Mahajan from India, Pau Font Melendez from Barcelona (Catalonia), Spain, Lemaine Louise from Bailleul, France and Anika Franklin of McKinleyville, a returning foreign exchange student, spoke of their countries and of their life in Humboldt County since coming to America last fall as American Field Service students. 

Trinidad Civic Club hosted the March potluck. Tyler Vack’s eighth grade class joined the Town Hall gathering to meet the six students. Several of the McKinleyville and Arcata host parents accompanied the students. The multi-lingual, intelligent and poised juniors and seniors made a fine impression on their appreciative audience.

Sansfu to play at WCA

Sansfu, also known as the Absynth Trio, and featuring Ryan Roberts, Ian Davidson and John Ludington, will play acoustic music rooted in gypsy jazz, Americana and bluegrass, on Friday, March 29 at 7:30 p.m. at Westhaven Center for the Arts, 501 South Westhaven Drive. There is a $5 to $20 sliding scale admission and refreshments are available. 

WCA also presents Gaia’s Love with Dr. Roy King on Sunday, March 31 from 10 to 11 a.m., and on Saturday, April 6, the RLA Trio with Nicholas Dominic Talvola will perform. Go to for more information or call (707) 677-9493.

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