Trinidad Tidings: Scholarship, animals, art, soil – what doesn’t the seaside village have?

American Field Service (AFS) foreign exchange students Sara Winistaedt of Cottbus, Germany, Druvi Vora from India, Attawit “Dan” Uchotananan and Grace Nichakorn of Thailand, and Marselina (she has only one name) of Bangka, a small Indonesian island near Sumatra, met teacher Margie Cunningham’s seventh grade students of Trinidad School and the ladies of Trinidad Civic Club last Thursday at the monthly meeting.

Sara attends McKinleyville High School and Druvi and Marselina go to Six Rivers Charter School with supplemental classes at Arcata High School. Attawit and Grace study at Northcoast Preparatory Academy. All of the students started studying English at a very young age.

In addition to English, Attawit has studied Japanese, Chinese and Spanish and is interested in mathematics. At leisure he likes sailing and snowboarding. Grace said she is used to far more homework and longer school hours in Thailand. Druvi comes from a school with 5,000 students in India and finds classes in America far easier than her Indian studies. Sara, of Cottbus near Berlin, said her school day in Germany has her attending up to 14 classes during the week.

She spends her leisure time mastering dance and gymnastics and loves being a cheerleader. Marselina, of Chinese heritage, is Muslim, does not know how to swim, and attended boarding school on her island school. She brought maps and brochures of her beautiful homeland, pointing out that Indonesia consists of 15,000 islands with 6,000 inhabited ones.

Trinidad School superintendent Matt Malkus attended the potluck luncheon and told Marselina that he had spent a month surfing and camping on one of Indonesia’s islands, Bali, after college. Third grade teacher Rachel Dilthy spoke with Marselina in her native language as Rachel had been a foreign exchange student on Sumatra.

The seventh graders raised their hands with many questions about school and life in the homelands of the exchange students. Attawit said uniforms were required at his school and that short hair for boys was required. No piercing allowed. Marselina likes American food. In Indonesia she ate rice prepared with different accompaniments at all three daily meals.

Abby Proulx, Susan McPherson and Kathy Finlay accompanied the AFS students. All have served in the foreign exchange program for many years. Civic Club members related their foreign adventures. Penne O’Gara lived with her family in Colombia for years; Ginny Mulle taught school in China. Jan West served in the Peace Corps in Afghanistan. Joey Wauters studied in Berlin.

Other club members had hosted foreign students or had sent their children during high school years to foreign exchange destinations.

Big Lagoon Student Art Competition Winners, Trinidad School Student of the Month

Big Lagoon School student artwork was entered in the California Federation of Women’s Clubs Arts and Crafts Contest at Trinidad Town Hall last month. Civic Club President and Big Lagoon School Board Member Dana Hope announced the winners. First Place prizes went to Lauren Rodelander, Liam Vukonich, Devyn Leeper and Tristin Blaine. Nicholas Walker, Na-Tess Marquez and Liam McMillin received second place recognition and third place winners were Isabell Lara and Nina Jimenez. Honorable Mention artists were Ryan Faber and Andrew Mose.

At the same gathering Penne O’Gara announced that Cody Rheinschmidt received the Trinidad School Student of the Month award. Penne presents a book to exceptional students announced each month at the school.

Trinidad Civic Club Academic and Vocational Scholarships

In other Civic Club news, Joey Wauters reminds all area high school seniors that academic and vocational scholarships of $1,000 each are awarded in the spring. The deadline for applying is March 15. University, college or vocational school-bound students are encouraged to submit scholarship applications.

High school counseling offices have the applications. Call Joey, (707) 267-5038 or email [email protected] for information on the Carmen and James Kidder Academic Scholarship. For the Vocational or Trade School Scholarship, call Martha Sue Davis at (707) 677-3776 or email [email protected].

The scholarship winners and their parents will be honored at the Trinidad Civic Club luncheon on Thursday, May 4.

Connie Butler showing of Animal Wisdom

Ceramic Pottery and Sculpture by Connie Butler and Louise Campbell are on view at the Fire Arts Gallery, 520 G St., Arcata, across the street from the Arcata Marsh Interpretive Center.

Both octogenarians reveal their sense of humor in their ceramic work, introducing dancing pigs, mice, owls, dragons and other fanciful creatures into their art. A reception for the artists is set for Friday, March 10 from 6 to 9 p.m.

Trinidad Art Gallery

Plein air artist Kathy O’Leary and eco-printing artist Patty Demant have their work featured at Trinidad Art, 490 Trinity Street, through March. Kathy O’Leary’s landscapes are familiar to Humboldt County admirers.

For this exhibit, she has traveled to other California woodlands to feature oak trees in her work. Patty prints leaves onto silk, wool, cashmere and other fabrics in her eco-printing art. Go to to see examples of the work of these fine artists as well as other featured artists’ recent artistic expressions.

“Wire Wavelengths: Earth Fire Water” and more at Westhaven Center for the Arts

Elizabeth Berrien has her world renowned wire sculptures on view at WCA, 501 South Westhaven Drive, this month.  Her exhibit opened last Sunday.  You can see it during WCA open hours Friday through Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m. or during WCA’s events and classes.

Coming up Wednesday, March 8 at 7 p.m. is an International Women’s Day documentary film, “Doing Time, Doing Vipassana” featuring India’s first woman Inspector General of Prisons, Kiran Bedi, who introduces Vipassana meditation to inmates and correctional officers with dramatic results. Hosted by Rob Diggins, the evening begins with a potluck at 6:30 p.m. $5 suggested donation. Call Rob at (707) 845-1788 for information.

Rob Diggins also leads Full Moon Meditation on Sunday, March 12 at 7 p.m. $5 suggested donation.

Coming up on Friday, March 17 at 7 p.m. is Third Friday Jazz featuring RLA Trio and trumpeter Nicholas Dominic Talvola. Nick lives and tours in Europe with The Johnny Freelance Experience and has shared the stage and opened for artists Erika Badu, Earth Wind and Fire, Richard Bona and Billy Cobham. $5 to $20 sliding scale admission. Refreshments.

Natural History Room Exhibits at Trinidad Museum

Redwood National Park has loaned a fascinating soil profile to Trinidad Museum, showing in a tall case over five feet of soil in which redwoods and other northcoast vegetation flourishes. Curator Jim Webb installed the exhibit accompanied by a new Northcoast Rocks exhibit. Geology Professor Emeritus Kenneth Aalto assisted along with HSU intern Marcella Nicolic.

Trinidad Museum, 400 Janis Court off Patrick’s Point Drive, is open Thursday through Sunday from 12:30 to 4 p.m. Call (707) 677-3816 for information or to arrange for special class or other organizational tours.
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