Trinidad Tidings: Quiet, solemn ceremony held in Trinidad

A WREATH created by Rose Adams, Merissa Replogle and Lynda Moran. Submitted photo

The 25th Annual Memorial Ceremony, commemorating those who have died at sea or who have been buried at sea, was held quietly on May 24 at Trinidad Memorial Park. 

It was a small, private ceremony since the coronavirus prevented families and friends from gathering all at one time. Trinidad Civic Club Co-Presidents Dana Hope and Jan West participated in the ceremony along with Memorial Secretary Lynda Moran, Mayor Pro-Tempore Jack West and Janine Volkmar, who read the memorial names, many of whom are armed services veterans. 

Rose Adams, Merissa Replogle and Lynda Moran created the beautiful wreath with flowers donated by Sun Valley Flower Farm. The United States Coast Guard helicopter flew over the site after the 30-minute ceremony on the gorgeous sunny afternoon.

Gary Stillman took meticulous care to darken the engraved names on granite plaques. Sea Watch, a recent poem by Paul G. Charbonneau of Rockport, Maine, was read during the ceremony:

Up and down and around every seaboard,
on beaches or atop rocks and cliffs,
people stare at the sea and watch,
as if seeing behind the scenes
something known to them alone.

They follow waves of lazy waves,
or roaring graybeards coming hard
onto the beaches and against rocky ramparts
where humans stake claims to permanence,
where the sea swallows the sands
and slowly wears away earthly footholds.      

I too make my way to the ocean’s edge,
feel infinity seduce my spirit,
enticing me to the Ocean’s bed. 

Drawn to its depths and well out of my depth,
in over my head, I hear nothing but the Sea,
deafened by winds come from places unknown.

I no longer hear myself think, a blessing I am told,
but sense an inkling dragging me out to a Sea
mysterious and infinite, drowning me in Itself,
then ebbing away, leaving me beached
in wonderment and at a loss for words.

Planning Commission Vacancy

 The City of Trinidad Planning Commission has a vacancy due to the recent resignation of John Graves of Moonstone Heights. His services were invaluable and he was commended for his years of work. Current Planning Commissioners are Richard Johnson, Cheryl Kelly, Diane Stockness and Tom Hopkins. A number of important matters, including city water service and the General Plan, are addressed by the commissioners. City planning experience is valuable but not required. 

To find out more about applying for the position, email Assistant City Clerk Angela Zetter at [email protected]; stop by the City Clerk’s office at Town Hall between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. on weekdays, or call (707) 677-0223.

Email Patti at [email protected].


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