Trinidad Tidings: ‘Monstrament’ donated to university

MONSTRAMENT John Wiebe with his Sequoia Semperviolin. Submitted photo

Westhaven wood sculptor John Wiebe has created from a “hollowed out redwood stump” a 14-foot “Monstrament” which he calls “Sequoia Semperviolin.”

The dramatic creation has been on exhibit at Trees of Mystery, and before that at the Senior Resource Center in Eureka.  The President of Fresno Pacific University, Dr. Joseph Jones, had learned about the sculpture and was interested in installing it in the university’s new performing arts center, where Dr. Jones felt it “would reflect the school’s strong music and earth-care agenda.”  

Dr. Jones and his wife, Yvette,  came to Trinidad earlier in the month, stayed at the Trinidad Bay Bed and Breakfast Inn, and enjoyed a tour of Prairie Creek Redwood State Park with John and Carol Wiebe’s daughter, Evelyn, the family naturalist, as well as a tour of the Trees of Mystery Native-American Museum, where they viewed “Sequoia Semperviolin.”  

Enchanted with the sculpture, Dr. Jones handed John Wiebe a check for $15,000, which was turned down, Wiebe stating that “it felt good to have a small part in an idealistic university’s outreach” in troubled times. 

The Wiebes were foundational in helping to form Westhaven Center for Arts years ago, when the “Pee Wee’s Market” site evolved into a community cultural center. John Wiebe’s love for the natural wonders of the earth, expressed through art, and a generous spirit, are shared far and wide.

Trinity Street improvements

Avoid driving down Trinity Street if you can.  City engineering firm GHD has designed sidewalk and driveway improvements which will allow for safer, easier and more attractive access ways.  

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Engineer Josh Wolf contacted business and homeowners along Trinidad’s busiest street in advance of the work, which should be completed within a couple of weeks.  

In the meantime, If you can park on a side street and walk to the Eatery, Trinidad Art Gallery, Trinidad Spa, Moonstone Crossing, the Beachcomber, the Town Hall and City annex or Trinidad School, that would be a prudent choice.

Trinidad Museum annual meeting

Trinidad Museum Society’s annual meeting will be held in the courtyard in front of the museum on Sunday, May 2 at 2 p.m.  

Directors will be elected and the annual financial report will be read.   A short program will include Trinidad Head 1871 Lighthouse history (the next open house at the Trinidad Head lighthouse will be on May 1 from 10 a.m. to noon, pedestrian access only).  

Chairs will be placed at a distance during the outdoor meeting.  Trinidad Museum is open Saturday and Sunday from 12:30 to 4 p.m. The gardens are open at all times.

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