Trinidad Tidings: Just another day in paradise

Finding joy in Trinidad’s spring time outdoors: Susan and Jim Stephenson spotted an inspirational work of art in the “Wellbeing for All” fence mural on East Street.  

They also passed two “Little Free Libraries” on Ocean at East Street and on Trinity Street in front of the City annex. Strolling readers are encouraged to take a book or add a book to the tiny book receptacles.  

Mary Spinas Kline and Dorothy Cox continue their frequent city walks around town and on the beaches picking up food containers and trash left behind by not-always-thoughtful visitors.  

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Peter and Diane Cohan do the same thing on Scenic Drive and PacOut Green Team and the Trinidad Coastal Land Trust perform their clean-up courtesies on Trinidad trails and beaches. Susan Tissot writes a regular blog on the natural beauty after her frequent outdoor perambulations.

A Little Free Library

Jim Webb walks the State and Redwood National Park trails several times a week and shares his “What’s Blooming” and “What’s Fruiting”photographs with the parks, Trinidad Museum and Trinidad Coastal Land Trust naturalists.

Plein Air painters are setting up their easels at scenic spots up and down greater Trinidad’s coastline, creating lasting art works to enjoy during all seasons. 

“Miracles happen everyday, change your perception of what a miracle is and you’ll see them all around you” wrote Jon Bon Jovi. Many in Trinidad see life this way.

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