Trinidad Tidings: ‘Coastal Living’ in the seaside village

Gazania rigens or treasure flower, greets spring in front of Trinidad Museum. Photo by Jackie Tidwell

The Trinidad Coastal Land Trust will present a Little River Trail Virtual Workshop on Monday, April 19 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. to learn about the project which will connect the Westhaven-Trinidad area to the Hammond Coastal Trail. 

The virtual workshop will highlight preliminary opportunities and constraints for trail design and alignment and engage community members in the preliminary design considerations. 

The project is in the preliminary design and environmental documentation phase. and environmental documentation phase. Public support will be essential to advance this and future phases of the trail. 

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Community members are welcome to share their experiences and input on the project through an on-line survey. Go to the TCLT website, to find out more or call the TCLT office at (707) 677-2501. 

 In other TCLT news, naturalist Michelle Kunst writes: “Have you ever noticed tiny holes in the ground in the forest and wondered who they belong to?...They are the burrows of turret spiders; a small relative of tarantulas. These ground dwelling spiders construct a silken tube held ridged by soil and plant materials. Turret spiders will lurk inside their dark burrows and can sense the vibration of approaching small insect prey. Besides snagging food, they rarely leave their burrow and are though to live up to 16 years. Keep a keen eye out for turret spider burrows next time you take a stroll in a moist Trinidad Forest.”

Trinidad featured in ‘Coastal Living’

The April 2021 issue of Coastal Living has two beautiful color photographs of the Trinidad area and a short article emphasizing the charm and desirability of Trinidad and other coastal towns. 

Driving through town after a few days away last week, I observed more cars at the beaches and lanes and Saunders Plaza than I’ve ever seen. Visitors clearly are eager for fresh air and natural beauty after a year of being cooped up inside. 

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