Trinidad tackles COVID-19 – community survey and business update

 City of Trinidad

Building Trinidad's communication & community

Dear Trinidad Residents and Friends,

A Message from the Mayor

We truly are living in unprecedented times with COVID-19 and it is important we learn and adapt to our new situation together.  The City is learning much on a daily basis as information becomes available and it’s always critical to follow expert advice and do our best to keep each other informed. I urge us all to keep up with the California Health and Human Services Agency and the Center for Disease Controls as our first source for the latest facts.

As a City though, we have an additional responsibility.  We need to consider each other at every step of the way. We need to take that extra step to make sure our neighbors are well cared for and this can come in many forms.  Whether it is something simple like asking how they are doing, or something more tangible like offering to get groceries and supplies for those who are deemed higher risk of contracting the virus. The recommendations by health officials, if followed, will allow our health care system to keep pace with the inevitable and controlled spread of the virus.

As a City, we have email, postal mail, and postings at City Hall, the U.S. Post Office and Murphy's to keep the whole citizenry informed. However, we admit the inadequacy when situations change so often, but know we are keeping pace with State and County measures that will potentially help us. We are trying to conduct our City business while practicing social distancing. Important business will continue and we ask for a little patience as we test new methods of technology to keep all of us engaged in City discourse.

Finally, I encourage you to ask your neighbors if they received this email. If not, then please share it with them and seek their input. Check on each other and take an extra moment to recognize each other or talk over the fence like I do often. I expect we are just beginning to settle into a somewhat long bout with COVID - 19 dominating our lives.  Let's go through it as a community.

Steve Ladwig

Trinidad City Council, Mayor

This coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency is difficult for all. Here is some information that may be useful:

The best local info for COVID-19, updated daily:

Humboldt County Health Alert

The Trinidad City web page does not have COVID-19 specific updates.  That page

does have a link to the Humboldt County Health Alert web page, as well as to other county, state and federal web resources.

We, in your city government, ask for your help in compiling a complete database for our emergency communications (no complete database now exists).

We also ask you to tell us about how you are doing, especially if you need help.  Additionally, if you can volunteer your help, please tell us in the QUESTIONNAIRE), as some residents may appreciate check-in phone calls. The city staff is limited, so we are trying to link those in need with volunteer services.

Your information will be confidential, limited to administrative staff and elected officials.

IMPORTANT: please check with your neighbors (by phone these days) and ask if they have received this email.

If not, please forward them this email so they can REPLY with their own completed QUESTIONNAIRE. OR They can email their name, phone & email (& address, if in the City) to: [email protected].

BONUS –This animated video gives concise and highly informative info about COVID-19: history, effect on human anatomy, and what-we-can-do:

Thank you for your support during this crisis,

Steve Ladwig (Mayor & Councilor), Dwight Miller (Councilor)

Eli Naffah (City Manager), Gabe Adams (City Clerk), Administrative Assistant Angela Zetter

(This email project is dedicated to 88-year-old resident, Jim Calladine, who requested the City to, “do something to bring us together.”)

To complete the QUESTIONNAIRE, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Copy and paste the questionnaire into a new email, addressed TO: [email protected]
  2. Type “Trinidad Questionnaire” in the SUBJECT line
  3. Fill in the boxes (that apply to you) with an “x”
  4. Type any additional information that you’d like to share in questions #25 and #26
  5. Send the email to [email protected]

*We will reply to you “Received” – Please allow a day or two, as our staff does not have automated response capability.*

Questionnaire follows (and, following, a letter about local businesses, OPEN & CLOSED)

COPY below this line:

Please mark X in the [  ] as applicable


  1. [   ] Reside and own in Trinidad City:  PO Box _____________________
    STREET ADDRESS _____________________________________________


  1. [   ] Reside and rent in Trinidad City:  PO Box _____________________
    STREET ADDRESS _____________________________________________


  1. [   ] Own in Trinidad City but do not reside there: (Owned) Trinidad ADDRESS (& PO Box if applicable) ________________________________________________________________


  1. [   ] Live in Greater Trinidad (95570 outside City of Trinidad):
    (optional ) PO Box & ADDRESS _________________________________________________


  1. [   ] Live outside of Greater Trinidad:
    (optional ) ADDRESS_________________________________________________________

Your NAME & EMAIL & TELEPHONE preferences

  1. [   ] my NAME on the EMAIL address in the TO list is correct
  2. [   ] my PREFERRED NAME is:__________________________________
  3. [   ] my EMAIL address in the TO list is correct
  4. [   ] my PREFERRED EMAIL is:__________________________________
  5. [   ] my PREFERRED PHONE is:__________________________ [   ]cell   [   ]landline
  6. [   ] my 2nd PHONE is:_________________________________ [   ]cell   [   ]landline

Your CONTACT preferences for Trinidad City (no city-office TEXT messaging yet, but perhaps soon)

  1. [   ] EMAIL only.
  2. [   ] TEXT message only (possibly from personal cell phone of a city official)
  3. [   ] both EMAIL and TEXT message (may just be EMAIL for a while)
  4. [   ] it is OK to share my EMAIL and PHONE info with residents on my street (for City of Trinidad).
  5.    [   ] it is OK to share my EMAIL and PHONE info with residents of the City of Trinidad.
  6.    [   ] contact me only in EMERGENCY
  7.    [   ] contact me in EMERGENCY and with NEWSLETTERS/INFO
  9.    [   ] please delete my email from the Email List of the City of Trinidad

SPECIAL NEEDS that you may have during this COVID-19 emergency, or SERVICES you can volunteer.

  1.    [   ] I request groceries or prescriptions to be delivered.
  2.    [   ] I volunteer to deliver groceries or prescriptions.
  3.    [   ] I request a check-in phone call, because this COVID-19 isolation is difficult.
  4.    [   ] I volunteer to phone someone who requests a phone check-in.
  6.    COMMENTS and SUGGESTIONS ... please tell us how we can help you or help build community:



The following message is not part of the City-requested QUESTIONNAIRE.

The space is provided by the City of Trinidad as a service to residents and local businesses that they support.

The COVID-19 crisis is affecting our mutual community.

From:  Allie Heemstra, Executive Director, Greater Trinidad Chamber of Commerce

To:  Residents of Greater Trinidad

We hope everyone in our community is practicing social distancing so that we can all remain safe and in good health. While we may not be able to go out and visit our local businesses we can still support them safely and with peace-of-mind. Consider purchasing gift cards of your favorite places to eat and shop. Or, spend your time writing online reviews for all of the hard-working businesses we have around here. We must do what we can to help support our small businesses during this difficult time.

The Trinidad Chamber will continue to try our best at keeping community members updated, here are some more updates regarding our local businesses in the Greater Trinidad Area.

Visit new Facebook page ‘Humboldt To-Go’. Local businesses are encouraged to join and share information about their current services including delivery, take out/curbside pick up, senior citizen hours, etc. This page is in efforts of helping keep all of this valuable information in one easy place for the community to find and look up who’s offering what as a way to help keep some of our local businesses going.

Updates from Local Businesses: 
Beachcomber Cafe will be open this week from 8-2 and will be offering take-out service only. Starting today they will be delivering to Westhaven and the Trinidad area. Call in an order (707) 677-0106 or place an order online.

Larrupin Cafe has closed in-house dining, offering to-go orders and delivery for as long as they can. Check their website for new updates and call 707-677-0230 to place your order.

Cher-Ae Heights Casino will be closed until further notice. The Seascape restaurant will remain open for take-out dining and the Rancheria Tribal Office will remain open to conduct vital and necessary business.

The Lighthouse Grill & Headies' Pizza and Pour will continue to follow the guidelines suggested for "Take-Out" and curbside delivery only. Staff is encouraging customers to keep 6' distance between each other and if possible, please call in your orders (707) 677-0077 and send one person to pick it up.

Lost Whale Inn will remain open. They are keeping with their high standards of cleanliness and health to ensure a safe environment for their guests and staff. For any information call  (707) 677-3425.

Moonstone Restaurant is closed until further notice.

Murphy's Markets will continue to operate under the same hours 7 AM — 10 PM.

Forbes & Associates' office is closed but available for appointments only! If anyone needs to get hold of the office you can call Sarah Corliss's cell phone at 707-616-7549.

The Club for Fitness is closed until further notice. You can take part in at-home workouts that can be found on Instagram or continue to check your email for any additional videos.

Trinidad Art Gallery will be closed until March 29th. You may contact the Trinidad Art Gallery through Facebook, Instagram, or email at [email protected] with questions or possible sales. The gallery will still showcase featured artists and members' work on social media!

Trinidad Bay Eatery is closed until further notice. 707-677-3777.

Trinidad Bay Bed & Breakfast will remain open until further notice.

Trinidad Coastal Land Trust is suspending public walks and programs until further notice. If you have questions, email [email protected]

Trinidad Massage is closed until further notice. Clients are encouraged to contact their individual practitioners for future scheduling info. Folks can purchase gift certificates online for future services by visiting this page.

Trinidad Museum is closed until further notice.

Trinidad Skin Care is closed until further notice but is offering delivery for Eminence Organic Skin care products. Gift certificates can be purchased online by visiting this page. 

Trinidad Retreats will remain open until further notice.

Wild at Hearth (Pizza), 707-677-3881, open Wed-Sat, 5-8 pm

Hotels can stay open because they are deemed essential businesses. They offer accommodations to many workers, like truck drivers and emergency personnel, that are vital to the state's efforts right now.

Redwood National and State Parks and other state parks in Humboldt are still open. However, the campgrounds and visitor centers are closed.

Please do not hesitate to let me know if there's anything else we can do to help support,




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