Trinidad Rancheria to rescue lighthouse

The Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse. Matt Filar | Union

Jack Durham
Mad River Union

TRINIDAD – The Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse will be moved from where it sits atop a bluff down to harbor property owned by the Trinidad Rancheria.

Due to instability at its current location, where the lighthouse has stood since 1949, the Trinidad Civic Club had planned to move the monument 22 feet east of its current location on property it owns.

The proposal, however, sparked protests from the Tsurai Ancestral Society and supporters, who said the lighthouse endangered the nearby Tsurai Village, an Indian burial ground. The protest turned into an occupation of the Edwards Street lighthouse, with protesters demanding that the lighthouse be moved elsewhere.

Now that will happen.

The Cher-ae Heights Indian Community of the Trinidad Rancheria, the Trinidad Civic Club and the Yurok Tribe have reached an agreement to relocate the lighthouse temporarily to the harbor area, which is owned by the Trinidad Rancheria. All three entities signed a memorandum of understanding, a copy of which was obtained by the Union.

Both the lighthouse, and the nearby bell, will be moved to the harbor area no later than Jan. 31, although the move could take place much earlier, perhaps even this week.

All of the parties would then determine a permanent location for the monument.

That location would most likely be somewhere on the Rancheria’s harbor property.

The agreement calls for the Yurok Tribe, the Trinidad Rancheria and  the Tsurai Ancestral Society to “use their absolute best efforts” to have demonstrators leave the lighthouse and not interfere with the removal of the lighthouse.

Although the Tsurai Ancestral Society is listed as a stakeholder in the memorandum, the  organization did not sign the agreement.



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