Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse, Before and After

On Wednesday, Jan.10, the Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse was moved from the bluff on Edwards Street, where it has stood since 1949, down to the entrance to the parking lot on harbor property owned by the Trinidad Rancheria. For a short video of the move, click here. For a longer video click here.

Below are some images and videos from before and after the move:



The Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse late last year. Photo by Matt Filar | Union

During the holidays, volunteers always decorated the lighthouse with lights. Photo by Matt Filar | Union


The Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse was occupied during a protest two weeks ago. Jack Durham | Union





The view of the former location of the Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse after the removal. Jack Durham | Union


The steps leading down to where the Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse once stood. Jack Durham | Union






Above, a short video of what it now looks like.

This photo shows how far the lighthouse was going to move before the plan was ditched after protesters occupied the site. The concrete foundation in the foreground is where the lighthouse stood since 1949. The concrete pad a few feet over, left of the yellow line close to the memorial wall,, is where it was going to be moved. A Cultural Monitor from the Trinidad Rancheria inspected the site before the pad was constructed. There are no known graves under the site. However, down the hill is the Tsurai Village,  a burial site.



Above,  a very short video showing the old foundation and what was supposed to be the new foundation.

The new temporary location of the Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse at the entrance to the parking lot at the harbor. The property is owned by the Trinidad Rancheria. The next step is to determine a permanent location and obtain permits. However, it is possible that this is the permanent location, although that remains to be determined.

A video of the lighthouse as it now stands.


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