Trinidad council looks at road projects, harbor lease

By Jack Durham

Press Editor & Reporter


The Trinidad City Council will consider two roadway improvement projects at its meeting Wednesday, Jan. 9 at Trinidad Town Hall, 409 Trinity St. The meeting begins at 7 p.m.

The council will consider improving Azalea Way and Pacific Street to bring them up to city standards.

The roads would be widened and paved, with curbs and gutters installed. Drainage systems and trees would also be installed.

According to a report from city staff, Azalea Way would be widened from nine feet to 20 feet, and paved with asphalt concrete and grass pavers. Pacific Street, now gravel, would be paved.

The project would be paid for with up to $423,000 in State Transportation Improvement Program funds.

The council may vote at the meeting to put the projects out to bid. A bid would be awarded in March, with construction to begin in May.

Harbor lease

Also at tonight’s meeting, the council is scheduled to consider a harbor lands lease agreement with the Trinidad Rancheria.

The City of Trinidad owns much of the land around the harbor, as well as the harbor itself. The Trinidad Rancheria owns the pier and adjacent lands.

The Rancheria runs the harbor and leases harbor land from the city. The two entities had a lease agreement that was approved in January 2004. It expired in January 2011.

Under the new agreement, the Rancheria would pay the city $5,000 a year to lease the harbor lands. In the third year of the lease, the payment would be adjusted based on the consumer price index, with an increase or decrease of no more than two percent.


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