Trinidad City Council to discuss Strawberry Rock, diplexer units

Union Staff Report

TRINIDAD – The Trinidad City Council will receive an update tonight, Oct. 8, on a proposal to build a trail and protect a grove of redwoods at nearby Strawberry Rock.

The council meets at 6 p.m. at Trinidad Town Hall, 409 Trinity St.

Strawberry Rock is located northeast of the city above U.S. Highway 101. The giant rock, with spectacular views of the Pacific, is surrounded by forests.

The area is owned and managed for timber production by Green Diamond. The timber company is working with the Trinidad Coastal Land Trust on a 38-acre project which would preserve the  rock, a grove of redwoods and the existing trail. Funding and details for the project still need to be worked out.

Also at tonight’s meeting, the council will consider giving Verizon approval to upgrade its facilities on Trinidad Head.

The company is proposing to install three diplexer units and one actuator on its pole on Trinidad Head. The electronic devices are smaller than a box of tissue.

Verizon is required to get approval from the city under its lease agreement. City staff is recommending approval.


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