Trinidad Bay remodeled, monetized

“VACAY CAY” towers over the new, improved Trinidad Bay featuring Wally’s Wonderful Water World. Now host to the Wally World Water Park, the bay has been optimized for the pleasure of visiting vacation renters, with rides, condos, a giant replica of the Trinidad Lighthouse and a Disneyesque Trinidad Pier. Matt Filar | Union AF

Bernice Brouhaha
Mad River Union AF

TRINIDAD, April 1 – Thousands of tourists and local residents descended on Trinidad last week for the much anticipated opening of Wally’s Wonderful Water World, a massive theme park celebrating the local marine eco-system and all the wonders of the sea.

The massive, family friendly complex – complete with captive whales, dolphins, sharks and even amusement park rides,  covers much of what used to be Trinidad Bay.

Project proponent Horatio McCallister noted how the project has vastly expanded opportunities to interact with the sea.

“You may recall that this area used to just have beaches with big rocks and salty water that pounded the beach in waves,” McAllistair said. “It was difficult to interact with, and sometimes dangerous.”

The new Water World solved that problem by wrapping a reinforced concrete barrier around the bay, the filling some spots with dredge spoils and concrete for the various buildings, and leaving other areas open for sea life.

The water park includes rides, shows re-enacting historical whaling activity, a reconstructed pier featuring Disney-like shops, plus a Burger King, casinos and strip shows. 

Trinidad Head, renamed Vacay Cay, has seen construction of multiple motels to handle the expected crowds. Humboldt Baykeeper, whose sea level-reducing whaling vessel is a key exhibit in the new, bay-wide attraction, declined to specify any concerns.


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