Three exciting new members are Arcata Chamber award nominees

Joellen Clark-Peterson
Arcata Chamber of Commerce

ARCATA – Every year, the Arcata Chamber of Commerce offers its Business Leadership Awards in six categories: Business of the Year, as decided by the City of Arcata’s Economic Development Committee; Small Business of the Year; Nonprofit of the Year; New Chamber Member of the Year; Hospitality and Tourism of the Year; Green Business of the Year; Beautification of the Year.

The 2019 awards will be presented at the Chamber’s Annual Business Leadership Awards dinner on Saturday, Feb. 22, 2020 from 5 to 8:30 p.m. at the Arcata Community Center. Get tickets at

New Member nominees

Papa & Barkley
Michael Kraft, compliance manager

We are a wellness oriented cannabis company founded in 2016. Our biggest products are pain balms and tinctures. We also have a national line that is CBD only that, in California, we sell through dispensaries and through the rest of the country we sell online and through retail stores. We also have a high end concentrates recreational line called Papa Select that I’d compare to a Napa Valley Cabernet; it swept the top three awards at the Emerald Cup in their categories  – a point of pride for the company. The other distinctive is that because Humboldt county has great cannabis, we source all of the cannabis from the emerald triangle. 

We have approximately 200 employees statewide and 100 in Humboldt county. We have several facilities including the former KMART in south Eureka that we are operating in a portion of, with plans to build out over the next two years or so. 

We joined the Chamber because we think it’s important to support as many other local companies as we can. In community relationships, we give to a number of nonprofits including the Discovery Museum, Food for People and Sequoia Park Zoo. 

Lauren and Michael Fisher

Hatchet House Throwing Club
Lauren and Michael Fisher, owners

We are a destination for recreation for Humboldt in Arcata and have been in business for five months. Arcata and beyond is totally jumping on board and welcoming this idea!

It’s rewarding seeing all the different people come through the door. They come in for social reasons, work, celebrations, and even therapeutic reasons; whatever it is, we take pride in offering a memorable experience. We have an hour with people and our coaches take that time limit and do all that they can. 

We are raising a family here and so it mattered to us to join the Chamber because we want to better the community for our kids. To be in a forum with other businesses is important to us. Our success is contingent on the success of other businesses in this community. Any way we can improve our network is a good thing. 

Aside from our fantastic patrons, the City of Arcata has been absolutely supportive in helping us get up and running as has the willingness of other businesses to partner with us and post about it on social media. Opening up across the street from Septentrio was very fortuitous for us both. 

Sue Charnes and Jay Repetto

The Wildflower Café & Bakery
Sue Charnes and Jay Repetto, co-owners/managers  

Wildflower is a full service, breakfast, brunch, and lunch cafe. It has been in business since 1987 and we have owned it for seven years. Everything is vegetarian and we can provide vegan-friendly options. We are 100 percent meat free – it has never been in here, never cooked in the kitchen. We also have all kinds of beverages.

After taking time to update the infrastructure of the business, we became ready to join the Chamber. We joined to network better with other businesses. We wanted an avenue to align with other businesses and gain customers through collaborative outreach. We want to be relevant to the community besides being just a place to eat. As we meet more folks and are able to provide more donations, we see new customers come in. One of my favorite comments is, “We won this certificate at a fundraiser and we have never been here before.” 

There is a lot of nostalgia around Wildflower Café. People have been coming here since before I was alive. 


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