The Zero Waste Zebras are here to play

Zero Waste Humboldt

HUMBOLDT – After months of working and staying at home with their children during COVID-19, many parents are looking for new activities to entertain their kids, keep them engaged and learning with alternatives to computer screens. The Zero Waste Zebras program has come to the rescue!

Local environmental educators and Zero Waste Humboldt volunteer Hayley Connors-Keith and ZWH board member Denise Newman, have compiled a variety of fun activities with waste reduction at their core. The Zero Waste Zebras activities emphasize upcycling and reuse of household and common materials.

While teachers are welcome to use ZW Zebras activities in their classrooms, this program was originally designed for after-school programs and youth groups. Several individuals have contributed ideas for the youth Zero Waste activities, including enthusiastic Girl Scout leader, Shoshanna Rose.

Each activity in the program has been written in a lesson plan format for parents and adult leaders, including materials needed, age range recommended, length of time needed.  

Each activity is planned as a stand-alone project, and the whole packet of activities will be emailed to schools, youth groups, and available upon request. Monetary contributions will help ZWH continue to add new activities for kids.

The packet of activities link will be available on Zero Waste Humboldt’s Facebook page and website, 

When the time comes that Humboldt communities can safely reopen their major outdoor parades and festivals, crowds will be able to enjoy large papier mache Zero Waste Zebras created by artist Maureen McGarry and ZWH volunteers. To learn more, email [email protected].



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