The Throwaway Dogs – Who Are They?


HCSO Press Release

On Wednesday, Aug. 21 an officer from the California Highway Patrol brought three dogs into the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Animal Shelter that were found running in the roadway  on New Navy Base Road at Lincoln Avenue in Fairhaven.

The dogs are a black Labrador retriever mix, approximately 12 years old, a brown German shepherd mix, approximately 10 years old, and a brown Airedale Terrier mix, approximately 10 years old.  All three dogs are female.

00R0R_dldTVs9cLOk_600x450On Aug. 21, Animal Shelter staff located a posting on Craigslist from Aug. 8 from an unidentified person in Freshwater who stated that their neighbor is/was moving to the East Coast and had three dogs that he could not keep. There were photos of the dogs on the Craigslist posting and they are the same dogs as those brought into the shelter. The back yard of a residence is clearly visible in one of the photographs.

On Aug. 22, Animal Shelter staff located a second posting on Craigslist about the dogs. This posting is from someone who saw a male subject abandon the dogs on New Navy Base Road and Bay St. The posting states that a male subject in his mid-30’s with short hair, driving a newer black 4-wheel-drive truck left the dogs and was telling them to  “stay” as he drove away.

One of the dogs was nearly struck by a car while chasing the truck down the road. It is not clear if the person responsible for this Craigslist post was the person who reported the loose dogs to CHP. Animal Shelter staff has replied to both Craigslist postings but have not received any response.

01616_7l7LDq7a5IC_600x450Abandonment of an animal is a crime. The Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Division is asking for the public’s help to identify the owner of these dogs.  Anyone who recognizes the dogs and/or the back yard of the residence in the photographs is asked to call Animal Control Officer Hale at 707-840-9132 or the Crime Tip Line, (707) 268-2539


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  2. Cindy Cathey Rock said:

    Please contact NW Airedale Rescue for the 10 yr. old and the other two as well. We have many families waiting for an airedale or airedale/mix. It's obvious these three are bonded and would love to see all three go to one good home where they will be loved and never have to be left alone again. I hope the local police throw the book at whoever abandoned these three sweethearts.

  3. Paula Cunningham said:

    Perhaps the tattoo in the second picture can I.D. the perp!

  4. Linda J. Tegarden said:

    Lots of really dumb people up there…too much dope. Why wouldn't the guy just take them to the Arcata Humane Society? Whole thing makes no sense. If the poster to CL was trying to rehome them because he was moving, failed to find them a home and left them on a back road, what is the chance the cops will ever find him locally. It is a misdemeanor-a fine. He's gone. Find the dogs a new, decent home.

  5. Yvonne Roberts said:

    who can drop their dog off and leave them.. and say stay.. and drive off? makes me sick.. hope you catch the person… wish I could take them.. poor little guys.. scared and alone..

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