The Medical Marijuana Innovation Zone’s unanswered questions

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Note: The following letter was submitted to Arcata’s Planning Commission, and partially read aloud during last week’s consideration of the proposed Medical Marijuana Innovation Zone (MMIZ). – Ed.

TO: The Arcata Planning Commission: Jason Akana, Chuck Gianini, Judith Meyer, Robert Flint, Paul Hagen, Daniel Tangney

The Arcata City Council: Mayor Michael Winkler, Susan Ornelas, Sofia Pereira, Paul Pitino, Mark Wheetley

FROM: Jane Fraser, Arcata

SUBJECT: Medical Marijuana Innovation Zone

I am adamantly opposed to the City of Arcata engaging in establishing a medical marijuana grow within the city limits of Arcata! The City of Arcata should not be involved with a drug facility. Questions that need to be answered prior to passing a zone change in the proposed West End area are as follows:

  1. Are the current medical marijuana dispensaries having a problem with supply and demand?
  2. When did Arcata purchase land-locked acreage on the east side of the proposed medical marijuana development? The map I viewed has street and lot designations indicated and will this land-locked parcel be the future home base for the families working on the “POT” farms?
  3. Who is going to pay for the contamination clean-up on the Flake Board/LP Property? Taxpayers?
  4. How much money is left from the huge [Louisiana Pacific] fine that was supposed to be used to clean up the contamination of land and Janes Creek?
  5. How many acres will be used for the grow and will this be an open or closed growing facility? How far will the odor from this “grow” operation travel to adjoining properties in the area?
  6. Since a marijuana plant requires six gallons of water per day until it reaches maturity, will water be recycled or be discharged into the North Fork of Janes Creek and flow through Fraser and Gallacci properties?
  7. Will city employees working at the “Pot” farm be paid by Arcata taxpayers for growing, processing and retail sales of these products?
  8. Do you have a finalized projection of the expense, liabilities, insurance and profit you intend to make when California voters legalize marijuana in California? Marijuana is not a native plant to Arcata!
  9. Has the City made any contact with the professional medical association in this area to determine the true need for a facility or industry of this type?
  10. Would you like to live or have a business 500 yards or less from a medical marijuana grow operation? How many city officials here tonight are in favor of such in their residential area or by their business? Please stand up as we would all like to see your position on this controversial subject.
  11. Don’t you think you are jumping into this project with blinders on or do you just see dollar bills hanging in front of your eye balls! Should this proposed California marijuana bill pass next year, how much profit do you foresee in the future? Everyone will grow their own!
  12. Do the dispensaries have a licensed/educated pharmacist familiar with dispensing the weed? We need a complete evaluation of the law!

An article appeared in the Times-Standard, June 30, 2015, “Study: Scant evidence that medical pot helps many illnesses,” by Lindsey Tanner, The Associated Press: The recommendation made by two Yale University psychiatrists suggests enthusiasm for medical marijuana has outpaced rigorous research and says widespread use should wait for better evidence.

Federal and State governments should support and encourage such research, the editorial states. They further stated that “Perhaps it is time to put the horse back in front of the cart.” They also noted that repeated recreational marijuana use can be addictive and say unanswered questions include what are the long-term health effects of medical marijuana and whether its use is justified in children whose developing brain may be more vulnerable to its effects.

I have also read that children and infants exposed to this recreational use of marijuana over time end up with an IQ score of 8 points lower than the National Norm for their age. I know teachers and administrators are not looking forward to children attending school under the influence of marijuana. (I did work at NHUHSD for 27 years.)

Have you ever had a young family member start with marijuana, advance to meth, and to more advanced drugs, become sexually active and refuse to take precautions for pregnancy, have a baby, neglect motherhood with drugs, child taken from her and put up for adoption, had her teeth rot away, had another child, ended up with a jail sentence, and last child being cared for by her sister. It happened in our family! Wake Up – this is our new world with drugs and the City of Arcata does not need to be involved in a Medical Marijuana Innovation Zone (MMIZ).

Students in both elementary and secondary schools are being apprehended selling drugs in this area. In Southern California, I was told that green cards (416) are handed out like candy! Everyone has one!

In California, Governor Brown has recently signed into law that drug addicts can now have kidney transplants. Drug addicts and family member have also been to hospital emergency rooms requesting heart transplants! Who pays?

The government stated that we have a shortage of truck drivers and is discussing lowering the minimum driving age to eighteen (18). Why? Face the facts: We have too many people on Pot and they cannot pass the drug test. Ask various trucking companies in this area and they tell you the facts.

The environmental impact on this area will be devastating. Are you attempting to move the undesirable individuals to the West End Road, Alder Grove Hill, Curtis Heights area? We will need police protection 24/7! The impact to our community will have a lasting effect with our schools, families, parenting, teachers, school administrators, police personnel, business owners, property values and the list goes on. You will put our future safety in jeopardy and harm’s way. Wake Up!

Please, Do Not Approve the MMIZ Plan!

Let’s leave the field of medicine to the people who have spent countless years in college and training, studying the human body, preparing for their profession and not to the city leaders and dispensaries within Arcata. There, some medical marijuana patients benefit from this drug, but let a fully state licensed physician and pharmacy prescribe the medicine (not dispensaries with tattoo parlors)!


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  1. daws said:

    Well if the author of this letter heard it, then it MUST be true! And… 6 gallons a day per plant? If keeping them in 5 gallon sized pots, try more like 2 gallons across 6 fullgrown plants -near the end of a hot summer.

  2. Kevin Hoover said:

    “Alex Stillman is growing it. Sheriff Downey is growing it. It’s even growing on the plaza!”

    You’re the Truth Teller. Please substantiate that.

  3. WhoAreThesePeople? said:

    I would like to isolate just one of the points you made, and smack it around a bit.
    A cannabis plant can survive on a quart of water per week. It can THRIVE on six quarts per month. So this “six gallons per day” myth is just that- a myth. Think about this, if you are able- what plant is the thirstiest plant that any gardener grows? I’ll give you a hint: It is currently growing on almost every property in Humboldt. Alex Stillman is growing it. Sheriff Downey is growing it. It’s even growing on the plaza!
    It’s grass. Not the grass that made HumCo famous, either. I’m talking about your lawn! I’m talking about very green, very watered lawn in this time of drought. A drought that not even the fire dept is taking seriously. I still see irrigation systems overflowing into the sidewalks and roads. I still have to walk in the traffic lanes to avoid getting soaked by lawn irrigation.
    The ironic kicker: Four truckloads of fire crews eating breakfast at the Village Pantry off Giuntoli Lane while the Pantry’s sprinklers send a river of overflow into the storm drain.
    Six gallons per plant per day indeed! I wish you right-wing fools would tell the truth for once in your foul lives. But ‘truth’, as a concept, is too liberal for you!

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