The local shopping odyssey of Alicia the Recumbent

ALICIA’s ADVENTURES Alicia with members of the Bethel School of International Discipleship who happened to be touring the Plaza. KLH | Union

I needed a bike and all the gear to participate in a non-profit ride. Where to start?

With Justin and Andrew at Revolution Bicycles, of course. I’m unable to ride a two-wheeler because of my disability but that was no problem for them. Well, except to find a recumbent bicycle that could be adjusted to my leg length and fit into my car! I never doubted they could and sure enough, Andrew called super excited last November saying, “come in and check it out!” It was love at first sight and sitting, though, I was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t my favorite color, blue.

Then, off to get a pair of great pedaling shoes. Where? The Jogg’n Shoppe. Mike and I were very serious about choosing just the “right” pair. Good thing he has a ton of patience, a big inventory, gets ‘into’ the spirit of things and is a great salesman!

When we were both satisfied that we had the “right” pair, Mike wanted a picture of me standing in my purple and blue sneakers with him kneeling down like an old-fashioned shoe salesman checking out my big toe!

Socks, of course I needed socks. Off to Plaza Shoes. They have a great selection of 100 percent Merino wool socks in super fun designs! More peals of laughter before I left with my treasures.

I’m always cold and knew I needed something to keep my legs warm while training. Hmm, let me think... ah, Adventure’s Edge! They had the perfect thermals to do the job and I found a great Humboldt T-shirt that jumped off the rack into my arms!

Our 92 lb., self-reliant locavore loads her new recumbent bike using special custom-made ramps. KLH | Union

Wanting to sew a bunch of items for the ride, it was a short walk to Fabric Temptations. That’s one-stop shopping for folks like me. Fun, whimsical, elegant and great children’s fabrics keep drawing me in. I had to purchase Paddington and Finding Dory fabric among others. And one stop means one stop. Out the door I went with thread, buttons and other notions to complete my projects.

Now off to Northtown Books. Why there? What do they have for the ride? They have a must-read book for all bicyclers – After the Fall. Huh?

Well, remember this childhood tale:

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
All the king’s horses
and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

No bicycle rider hasn’t had a “great fall,” we sometimes feel like Humpty Dumpty. Such a sad story. Have you ever wondered if, just if, there might be anything that happened, After the Fall?

For my last stop, I had to get into my car and drive to the Mill Yard. I designed ramps to get my 92 lbs. bike safely into and out of my car all by myself!

But, I needed some advice on the size and kind of wood to purchase. And, like my bike, I had measured the length of the back of my car, so I knew how long those ramps could possibly be. The guys were great, and soon I was heading home with my three 2x6’s, each 66 inches long.

The bike has three wheels so each one needs its own ramp. The clincher in all this planning and measuring was being able to put my bicycle, three ramps, my walker and all my gear packed into the back of my car.

Me, worried? Heck no. I’ve got plenty of open places to put several other items the size of grocery bags and more “basement” storage too!

Shopping local. Here in Arcata around the Plaza and beyond. One story that begins and continues here.

Alicia Abell is a retired minister and Union reader.





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