The Last Pre-Election Letters To The Editor, At Last – October 30, 2010

Wheetley, a proven champion

We strongly support Mark Wheetley for re-election to the Arcata City Council. Mark has done a remarkable job for our town and we fully expect him to continue to do the same for another term.

For as long as we’ve had the pleasure to know him, Mark has been extremely involved in youth advocacy and child-oriented community activities. As a soccer coach for many years for hundreds of our young athletes, Mark has repeatedly proved a champion for children and youth in our community. We have been very pleased to see that children’s issues are a high priority to him as he makes decisions for us all on the Council.

So, see you at the polls on Nov. 2; we’ll be there voting for Mark Wheetley (

Erin and Tom Taylor

Arcata residents

Stillman-Meserve for success

Arcata has a proud history of forward-thinking leadership on issues ranging from environmental stewardship to local economic development. I am supporting Dave Meserve and Alex Stillman for Arcata City Council to revitalize and strengthen that leadership.

Dave and Alex have some obvious differences, both in the realm of policy and in personal style, but their greatest strengths are their commonalities. They are progressive leaders that care deeply about this community, put the public first, and have the courage to stand up for what they believe in.

That’s why County Supervisor Mark Lovelace, former Arcata Mayor Harmony Groves, business leader and supervisorial candidate Patrick Cleary, and a number of other progressive community leaders have joined me in endorsing both Dave and Alex.

Most importantly to me, these are two candidates that have a strong focus on housing. Both are supportive of the concept of an expanded rental inspection program to ensure safe, code-compliant housing. Like me, Dave supports creating more home ownership opportunities for working families by increasing the percentage of affordable housing required in new developments. Alex brings an important focus on the need for more senior housing.

Finally, I am strongly encouraging a “yes” vote on Measure Q, the facilities bond for Arcata and McKinleyville High Schools. As a former governing board member for the Northern Humboldt Union High School District, I know how great the need is.

Passing Measure Q will provide funds to upgrade inadequate electrical and communications systems; to modernize libraries, media centers, classrooms and shop areas; and to construct a much-needed performing arts center for school and community use.

Please join me in voting for Dave and Alex to keep Arcata progressive and yes on Measure Q to support our schools.

Shane Brinton

Arcata City Councilmember

Measure Q much needed

Our family supports Measure Q, the NHUSD bond measure to upgrade Arcata and McKinleyville High Schools. Both James and Kevin graduated from Arcata High School, were involved with athletics and music.

Our family believes in supporting local educational institutions, and it is our responsibility to support measures that clearly meet school needs now and in the future. We have reviewed the choices being considered, the financial figures, and the process by which much needed improvements can be implemented. Measure Q meets the standard for our family when considering all the above.

Please vote for Measure Q. It is a much needed investment in our community’s future.

John, Ann Marie, James and Kevin Woolley


Measure Q gets an F

There have been numerous letters that have referred to the Citizens Oversight Committee which have stated inaccuracies such as the committee would manage the money, select the projects and contractors, review the bids, etc.

The citizens oversight committee formed under California Education Law virtually rubber stamps the bills after they have been paid and cannot select or prioritize projects, review bids, select contractors or even select paint colors. Its only duty is to confirm that no teachers or administration were paid from bond funds and prepare a yearly report. It should be called the “after the fact committee.” The school Board is responsible under the law to make all of the determinations or they can vote to give the Superintendent that responsibility.

The schools do not have “crumbling infrastructure.” The District previously borrowed money to update many things at the schools – windows, solar panels, class rooms, upgrade bathrooms, etc. and the remaining balance of the loan - $1.3 million would be paid off by the bond, thereby refinancing the repayment, including interest costing $3.9 million over 30 years.

The April 2010 Facility Master Plan for the School District analyzes the facility needs over the next 10 years. The report states “The district does possess Deferred Maintenance funds to address a portion of those items that have been submitted and approved by the Office of Public School Construction.” The program provides State matching funds to assist school districts for major repair or replacement such as plumbing, heating, electrical systems, roofing, interior and exterior painting, floor systems, etc. The list of items submitted are roof projects and other things for both McKinleyville and Arcata. The report states the projected costs of this deferred maintenance list is approximately $2.5 million.

The Facility Master Plan report should be on the school’s web site for all to be able to access and read some real facts.  The schools use Word 2003, but so does the County of Humboldt.

No specific projects have been selected and voters are being asked to guess how the $25.8 million would be spent. If students were given a homework assignment with a complete lack of specifics would anyone expect them to be able to complete the assignment?

So we need $25.8 million for exactly what? I am not going to guess what improvements the bond could pay for. I want specific projects to determine if I would agree to send my tax money or not. This time I just have to vote NO.

Penny Elsebusch


Cleary the man for the job

Sometimes just the right person shows up for the job! Patrick Cleary is clearly the perfect candidate for Fifth District County Supervisor.

I have known Patrick for years and have watched him quietly offer his leadership talents whenever asked by a local business or community organization. He helps raise money (lots of it), creates efficient systems and builds productive teams. And, he does it without taking credit. So, ask around to hear what people think about his role with broadband internet, telemedicine, fund-raisers, music fests, Economic Fuel, organic farming, community radio, business support.

Patrick Cleary has all the qualities important for the job: intelligence, creativity, vision, good humor and the ability to bring diverse interests together to solve challenges facing us.

You get to pick the right person for the job. Vote for Patrick Cleary.

Julie Fulkerson


Patrick a total package

Patrick Cleary has the skills and the vision to be a great supervisor.

I first met Patrick while serving as Vice-President on the Board of Directors of the Northcoast Co-op in 2001. At that time, the Co-op was struggling financially having just completed the expansion of the Arcata Store, deeply in debt and in the process of employee unionization. We realized we needed to bring in a highly skilled professional from outside the Co-op to help turn things around as an interim General Manager.

I believe that hiring Patrick was the most important decision I was involved with in my eight years on the Co-op Board. His business skills, blended with his sense of community and his extraordinary ability to bring people together was impressive to watch.

Among Patrick’s accomplishments during his tenure was coming up with an innovative method of refinancing our debt with the help of our membership and seeing the unionization of our employees accomplished. In my opinion, these two things alone may have saved the Co-op.

While these actions alone assure me of his qualifications, since then as President of the Lost Coast Communications family of radio stations he has been no less impressive. No one should need to be reminded that during the major power outages of New Year’s Day in 2006, it was KHUM that let us know where the ice and batteries could be obtained. It was KHUM that kept us in the loop and gave us the vital information that we needed. For this, KHUM was awarded the National Association of Broadcasters’ Service to America Award. Again, very impressive.

When asked to serve as interim manager of KHSU, recognizing the importance of Public Radio, Patrick selflessly put his own business interests on the back shelf and accepted. During his tenure there, first and foremost, he was responsible for restoring both confidence and credibility to the station with volunteers as well as local community. Through my contacts as a KHSU underwriter, once again I observed that it was both Patrick’s business skills combined with his ability to connect with people and initiate compromise that made the KHSU turnaround possible.

I am hugely confident that Patrick will succeed as supervisor as he has in all other local endeavors he has been involved with. We are lucky to have a candidate with these skills willing to serve. For voters to squander this opportunity would be a great loss for Humboldt County.


Rick Levin


Cleary, nature’s candidate

We, the undersigned environmental scientists, engineers, geologists, biologists, and planners, strongly support Patrick Cleary for Fifth District Supervisor.

We have all seen the damage to our watersheds that has caused declines in natural resources such as salmon as well as degraded water quality. The impacts on our community and economy are well documented. We also know that the continued use and management of our rivers, bays, oceans and other natural resources is not without conflict.

This is why it is so important that we elect a supervisor that not only understands the complex issues facing us but also has the experience and ability to create and be part of the solution.

Patrick Cleary, through his dedication and hard work on the numerous local businesses, non-profits and community groups, has demonstrated time and again his ability to bring people together for positive outcomes that are good for people and the environment.

Patrick has shown he has what it takes to improve our environment and our quality of life by obtaining funding for numerous projects such as eel grass preservation in Humboldt Bay, financing for Rio Dell’s wastewater treatment plant to protect water quality, and assisting our organic farmers grow their businesses.

Nov. 2, we must choose a person with a clear understanding about the importance of healthy ecosystems and watersheds to our common culture, health and economy.

For us the choice is clear.

Please vote for Patrick Cleary for Fifth District supervisor

Jeff Anderson, P.E.

Mark Andre, Forester

Ethan Bell, Aquatic Ecologist

Don Bremm, Fisheries Biologist

Greg Bundros, Geologist

Jeffrey Dunk, Ecologist

Annie Eicher, Botanist

Rocco Fiori, Engineering Geologist

Sam Flanagan, Geologist

Danny Hagans, Earth Scientist

Dennis Halligan, Fisheries Biologist

Eileen Hemphill-Haley, Ph.D.

Mark Hemphill-Haley, Ph.D.

Jennifer Kalt, Botanist

Sharon Kramer, Ph.D.

Steve Kramer, Fish and Wildlife Biologist

Gordon Leppig, Environmental Scientist

Julie Neander, Resource Specialist

Steve Salzman, P.E.

Rondal Snodgrass, Land Consultant

Jay Stallman, Geologist/Geomorphologist

Bill Weaver, Ph.D.

Sheri Woo, P.E.

Esquires for Gallegos

To the People of Humboldt County:

We are your Deputy District Attorneys, Deputy Public Defenders, and private attorneys. We are Democrats, Republicans, Independents and Greens. Together we represent the vast majority of attorneys in Humboldt County responsible for administering our criminal justice system.

Although we are adversaries in court who fight to prosecute or defend our citizens when they stand accused of crimes, we jointly believe the Constitution requires that the rights of all Humboldt County residents be respected, including the rights of the victims and the accused.

Our justice system requires a Humboldt County District Attorney who represents the people, not special interests – who acts independently from the police to seek justice, not vengeance, and acts with reason, not anger.

Today we take the historic step of setting aside our disagreements in this nonpartisan race for the purpose of jointly recommending to our community the Humboldt County District Attorney candidate who has shown the best ability to achieve the ideals necessary for the job.

We Endorse Paul Gallegos for Humboldt County District Attorney.


Deputy District Attorneys:

Alan L. Dollison, Esq., , Humboldt County Deputy District Attorney; Elan Firpo, Esq., , Humboldt County Deputy District Attorney; Arnold L. Klein, Esq., Humboldt County Deputy District Attorney; Christa K. McKimmy, Esq., , Humboldt County Deputy District Attorney; Ben McLaughlin, Esq., Humboldt County Deputy District Attorney; Kelly Neel, Esq., Humboldt County Deputy District Attorney

Deputy Public Defenders:

Christina J. Allbright, Esq., Humboldt County Deputy Public Defender; Patrick M. Coughlin, Esq., Humboldt County Deputy Public Defender; Leslie J. Kieg, Esq., Humboldt County Deputy Public Defender; Jonothan L. McCrone, Esq., Humboldt County Deputy Public Defender; Marek I. Reavis, Esq., Humboldt County Deputy Public Defender; Andrew Truitt, Esq., Humboldt County Deputy Public Defender; Edward A. Schrock, Esq., Humboldt County Deputy Public Defender

Private Bar Attorneys:

Bill Bertain, Esq. ; Bill Bragg, Esq.; M.C. Bruce, Esq.; Amelia Burroughs, Esq.; Russell Clanton, Esq.; Ken Collins, Esq.; David J. Crane, Esq.; Michael J. Crowley, Esq.; Manny Daskal, Esq.; Ed Denson, Esq.; Lawrence Eitzen, Esq.; Judith L. Edson, Esq.; Fredric Evenson, Esq.; James Flower, Esq.; Tim Gray, Esq.; Patrik M. Griego, Esq.; Chris Johnson Hamer, Esq.; Rory A. Hanson, Esq.; Mark W. Hapgood, Esq.; Mark P. Harris, Esq.; Thomas Hjerpe, Esq.; Doug Kaber, Esq.; Sarah Kaber, Esq.; Lee Karjola, Esq.; Joshua Kaufman, Esq.; Jennifer Keller, Esq.; Bryce J. Kenny, Esq.; Larry M. Killoran, Esq.; Eric Kirk, Esq.,

Lawrence Kluck, Esq.; Gina Klump, Esq.; Jon H. Lyons, Esq.; Peter E. Martin, Esq.; Shanti Michaels, Esq.; Marion D. Miller, Esq.; Jay Moller, Esq.; Timothy Needham, Esq.; Larry B. Nord, Esq.; Benjamin Okin, Esq.; Melvin B. Pearlston, Esq.; Elaine Profant-Maciel, Esq.; Greg Rael, Esq.; Tracy Rain, Esq.; Neal I. Sanders, Esq.; Les Scher, Esq.; Herb Schwartz, Esq.; Jeffrey Schwartz, Esq.; Ron Sinoway, Esq.; Kelly Walsh, Esq.;Timothy J. Wykle, Esq.; William Verick, Esq.,

Patrik Griego

Janssen, Malloy, Needham, Morrison,

Reinholtsen, Crowley and Griego, LLP



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  1. Robert Benson said:

    Caitlin Scown,
    Libel, lame excuses and absurdity is all you provide. Though I have never met Allison Jackson, I am confident that she is not crazy. Do you have evidence of this serious allegation? Then shut up, stop lying and assert facts; not spin.

    Christopher Judd,
    Your allusion, that Ms. Jackson’s prosecutorial policies are akin to Pinochet’s Chile or Stalin’s Soviet Union, is preposterous and not worthy of consideration by intelligent adults. Similarly, insinuating that “If you bust ‘em, we won’t let ‘em go.” equates “If you’ve been arrested, then you must be guilty” ignores Gallegos’ undeniable record of “you go free” defense attorney policies and the state of lawlessness that incompetent prosecution instills on society. You go on parading Our founding principles of freedom, liberty and justice; without considering the inherent denial of same, when victims are afforded no redress of grievances. I opine, the First Amendment right to redress of grievances is equally, if not more, important as the rights of the accused. Indeed, the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments may be asserted to protect the accused in court; however, there is no remedy for victims when a defense attorney District Attorney fails to prosecute -save Attorney General intervention, which is impractical, cumbersome and a waste of state resources.

    Thomas Paine jr.,
    I would have expected more Common Sense from you. Whether Ms. Jackson “believes” in Medical Cannabis or not is immaterial. Medical Cannabis is the law and an affirmative defense in court. California Supreme Court decision, In re Kelly, establishes broad rights for Cannabis patients, which no District Attorney may overrule. Where did you get your information that Ms. Jackson believes that users and producers (of Medical Cannabis) should be arrested and jailed? Please, for your namesake, show some Common Sense; this is Humboldt County, California. Cannabis is the only industry, aside from federal government subsidy fraud. Ms. Jackson appears to be tough on child abuse and violent crime, not Cannabis.

  2. Ken Quigley said:

    One more time I want to remind voters that back in early 2008 Mr. Gallegos forgot to add Jason Whitmill’s two prior felonies at his sentecing for evasion allowing Whitmill out of prison two years early and twelve days before Whitmill decided to race down hiway 299 at 113 mph drunk and on meth causing the horrible wreck that killed Nicole Quigley and almost killed her mother. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS TYPE OF INCOMPETENCE. Please Vote Allison Jackson on Nov.2
    Kenneth A. Quigley

  3. Thomas Paine Jr. said:

    Likw Steve Cooley, Jackson does not “believe” in Medical Cannabis, they both believe that users, and producers should be arrested and jailed. To me that is “jailing the innocent”.

    Vote YES on 19
    Vote For Harris
    Vote for Paul

  4. Paul Hooker said:

    Allison would not even be allowed to jail innocent people, what are you even talking about? And, that crazy woman? How about that crazy man that lets back shooters and rapists go free? You or someone you love could be next. Then there is the man who went into his house, got a rifle, and shot and killed his brother in front of a witness, was found guilty, and now is free? Anmd as for having wrongfully listing endorsers, Rusty Shackleford was listed as having supported Gallegos in the NCJ. Rusty Shackleford is Dale Gribble’s alter-ego in King Of The Hill. I guess a cartoon character might endorse Gallegos. And yes, we’ve seen fundamental rights taken away here in America, when Gallegos went after Debi Agust!

  5. anonymous said:

    D.A. Canidate Not Who She Seems
    By Christopher Judd
    On DA candidate Allison Jackson’s own website and in her ad in the Senior News, she says that her message to the cops is “If you bust ‘em, we won’t let ‘em go.” This seems to confirm the accusation by supporters of the incumbent DA Paul Gallegos that Jackson’s judicial philosophy is “If you’ve been arrested, then you must be guilty” and that her reputation to go to any lengths necessary to prove whatever the cops accuse someone of having done is one she intends to not only continue but to institute as policy in her office.
    When I grew up, I was taught that in America, if you were detained by the authorities, you were presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. This is the basis of what made the US different than countries where people were not free, be they military dictatorships like Pinochet’s Chile where, once you were arrested, you would simply be “disappeared” or so-called communist regimes, like Stalin’s Soviet Union, where, if you were so unfortunate to be accused of a crime, you might spend your life in a gulag. In neither case were you given the presumption of innocence. If the cops pick you up, you are presumed guilty, and you can pretty much expect that they “won’t let go.”
    We hear a lot these days about freedom, liberty, and justice in America, but on what are these principles based? They are based on our legal justice system and all of the rules that the prosecution must follow before the state has the right to take away your freedom and incarcerate you. So, before you lose your freedom, the state has the burden to prove you’ve broken a law– a law made by our representatives in the legislature, which is to say, made by the people. Remember that stuff about “We the People?” Well, if you put an overzealous prosecutor in power, either as an Attorney General or as District Attorney, you are risking the loss of the fundamental freedoms that America was founded on. We’ve seen it happen before many times, even here in America, but certainly in other countries that are less free than we are. Let’s not let it happen in Humboldt County. Re-elect District Attorney Paul Gallegos and expect the DA’s office to always strive for justice, not vengeance, and to only incarcerate the guilty.

  6. anonymous said:

    Paul vs. the crazy woman

    And then there were two.

    Back in June I was torn about who to vote for District Attorney, but now that it is just between Paul Gallegos and that crazy woman, it’s a bit of a no brainer. Gallegos may have had a slow start when he was first elected; he did have to deal with that whole recall funded by the corporation he was prosecuting and it seemed to take him a few years to finally get a staff in place that was loyal to him and who all worked well together. But now that he’s gotten that worked out, I have to say that I do like having someone in that job who is willing to prosecute the rich and the powerful, including the police, if there is evidence that they have broken the law. All in all, I guess we should consider ourselves lucky to have a D.A. who is committed to justice and also to crime prevention, and not some angry zealot, who thinks locking everyone up who is ever accused of a crime, and just throwing away the key, is the answer to all of society’s ills.

    Caitlin Scown–-september-1-2010/

  7. Robert Benson said:

    Esquires for Gallegos,
    NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that your eight year vacation is over in three days. Henceforth, you will be required to work for your paychecks. Backdoor deals will not be tolerated. Ethics codes will be observed and enforced. The Reign of Error has ended. Madame Hickory ascends the Throne of Justice, all wickedness beware. Behold, a new DA.

  8. What happened said:

    to this case? It’s way past August.

    Bigleggins, 25, faces charges of first degree murder, assault on a child and felony child abuse, all stemming from the death of four-year-old Dylan, the oldest son of a mother of three….

    A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Bigleggins on August 10. His bail was set at $1 million.

    Or is there another voting bloc involved?

  9. Bear Bryant said:

    Having the defense bar pick your DA is like having the other coach pick your starting lineup. What you have here is the defense bar stating
    out loud that they are scared stiff of Jackson.

    Pretty good endorsement, just not for the sitting DA.

  10. Paul Hooker said:

    If I were a defense attorney, especially after listening to Gallegos’ interview on KHUM, I would want him to be DA!

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