The Hum ~ Out of Print ~ 9/28-10/3

Well, I took this weekend off at least in the Union, so there's no Hum in print. Did anyone notice aside from my editor Lauraine? Maybe, maybe not. Anyway, I still got emails and message asking if I would help drum up interest in one show or another, which makes me wonder once again, does anyone care whether I spend hours of my time tracking what's going on in the Humboldt music world aside from those in bands or putting on shows? Again, maybe, maybe not. So, what's up this week? We'll start with Thursday.

@ M. Walker Guitars ~ Anna Tivel ~ Thursday 9/28, Doors 7 Showtime 8-10 PM ~ 550 South G Street Suite #9, Arcata ~ $15

Chris Parreira sent me a note telling me about this show and asking if I’d help. I said, sure. So I figured I would not take the week off entirely. (Otherwise I’d be elsewhere this sunny afternoon.) I gave a couple songs a listen and liked what I heard. This is a place that hasn't been doing shows as far as I know: Michael Walker is a luthier and a musician, plays in Rogues' Gallery. His workshop is a few doors down from Redwood Curtain Brewery (not to be confused with the theater in Eureka). Anna is not totally new to this area, but I only know her from the well-crafted songs she has posted online. Her p.r. person takes over from here...

Anna Tivel has spent some quality hours in a Dodge caravan repeating lyrical lines over and over until the words fall in time with the windshield wipers.

A nationally touring artist with a deep love of quiet stories, Anna is beginning to carve a place for herself in the songwriting world. She was recently chosen a winner of both the Telluride Troubadour Contest and the Kerrville New Folk Contest, placed second at the Rocky Mountain songwriting contest, and has shared the stage with heroes and friends alike.

Anna was raised in the forest and farmland of rural northern Washington and currently calls Portland, OR home. Her songs reflect both the stark colors of small town life, and the hard, sharp lines of the city. Her newest album, Heroes Waking UP, was produced by guitar mastermind Austin Nevins (Josh Ritter, Anais Mitchell, Kris Delmhorst), and released on Portland’s well-loved Fluff and Gravy Records. Folk Radio UK called it, "a superb and sublime album from a voice that deserves to be shouted from the highest rooftops.” Her previous album, Before Machines, was hailed by No Depression as “raw, yet superbly composed and executed, intelligent, personal and deeply expressive.”

“Portland songwriter Anna Tivel is a favorite over at Hearth. She’s a deft, clever songwriter with a knack for observing the small, subtle beauties of our lives.” – Kithfolk

"Everything here is testament to her storytelling gifts (she’s been likened to Steinbeck and I suspect she may have a novel or short stories collection in her) with her finely drawn characters and observations of an emotional life that ranges from defiance to regret, joy to sadness." -- Folk Radio UK

“To be sure, these are organic songs that freely reveal the poetry of the mind, heart and soul, the sharp imagery of the world translated into sound, and both the simple and complex things represented sentimentally and at length.” – Examiner

“Anna Tivel brings a raft of beautiful songs with brine-soaked images of Pacific Northwest tidepools, oceans, and the birds that wheel above them in the gray skies.” – Devon Leger, No Depression

“Anna’s strength is that of a lyricist. Her songs are filled with lines that intrigue and haunt.” – David Steinberg

Looking through her vids I ran across this one from Chuck Johnson's Humboldt Sessions. Anna is just the fiddle player, it's by Jeffrey Martin, but I included it because of the awesome setting with graffiti that reminded me of Devil's Playground....

They've done amazing things at the Minor Theatre in the last year (yes, it's only a year since the big change in management). Thursday (9/29) they have a night of comedy!!!

Comedian Tom Rhodes returns to Arcata for the first ever live standup comedy show at the beautifully renovated Minor Theatre.

"I have no homebase and I travel the world doing comedy. I almost drowned in Thailand, got maced in Paris and had my own Late Night Talkshow in the Netherlands. Whenever I can I will share my adventures with you..." said Tom Rhodes

Tom Rhodes is a world traveling comedian who is now celebrating his 30th year as a standup comedian. The New York Times describes him as “A mostly natural intellect with a knack for reporting the harsh realities of life with a dark and absurdly optimistic cynicism.”

Rhodes's latest TV appearances include Dave Attell’s Comedy Underground, Comedy Bang Bang and @midnight, as well as podcasts including WTF w/ Marc Maron, The Joe Rogan Experience, and his own critically acclaimed podcast, Tom Rhodes Radio. Rhodes is also a travel wrighter for Huffington Post.
Find his latest Netflix special and check out his latest comedy album release "Light Sweet Crude" on Amazon and iTunes.
Featuring local comic Kim Hodges and hosted by James Stephen
FOOD and (ALCOHOLIC) DRINK avialable!
RAFFLE PRIZE GIVEAWAY during the show! Each ticket holder gets TWO FREE raffle tickets at the door!
Doors 8:30pm Show 9pm-10:30pm

Friday night is another in the Flagship Sounds' Friday Night Live series, this time featuring my good friend Lyndsey Battle and company.

She says, "After what feels like a good-long while, I'm excited to be playing my original music again with a new full band! Cory, Brandon, Lee and I get to perform twice this weekend... both free, all ages shows... in public spaces! We'll be playing for the new Friday Night Live concert series at the F Street gazebo in Old Town Eureka on Friday from 6-8p and then again on Saturday morning on the Arcata Plaza for the Arcata Farmers' Market. Hopin' to see yall out and about  xo...

And later that night, for part 2 of FNL, another friend of mine, Tamaras, plays at Siren's Song down the street with her band, LD51.

She says, "Progolicious LD51 hosts the after party of Friday Night Live with local rockers, Blacksage Runners at The Siren's Song Tavern. $5 donation but if you lack funds, we still love you, so come in and enjoy the sounds!"


@ the Jam ~ Motherlode with Foxtrot "Live" (as opposed to Dead, which you'll find elsewhere).

Motherlode is basically supreme funk guitarist Greg Camphuis backed by a big band playing very funky tunes inspired by James Brown, Fela and the like making music that will make it hard not to dance. That describes a number of bands that have featured Greg, who just wants to make his funky music and isn't always into self-promotion.  Foxtrot is an Arcata rock/funk/jazz combo that I don't know much about. Someone actually put some effort into making a promo vid for event, but I can't embed it here because, well, I don't think it's designed to be shared outside of Facebook. Such is life.

 Meanwhile, in what up until lately has been a titty bar, DJ Gabe Pressure plays for dancers. I haven't ever been to the Tip Top, so I don't know if people are clothed or not. Whatever.

Friday and Saturday, it's a two-nite run at Humbrews by Melvin Seals and JGB, which as any Deadhead knows, is aka the Jerry Garcia Band. You know the drill, wear your tie-dye or whatever... Moving on to Saturday...

As noted in the show's title this a reprise. They did a tribute to Paul in April when I was in Florida, but I managed to do a story about even though I had to do it on vay-cay, so here's another reprise, the story from earier this year:

Humboldt loves a good tribute. We have a plethora of tribute bands from Silver Hammer’s Beatles tribute to Pink Floyd covers from Money, Naive Melodies doing Talking Heads, and of course, multiple deadicated Grateful Dead tribute lineups including The Miracle ShowPlay DeadRosewater and others.

Then there are the major artist tributes: Chris Parreira’s annual “Million Dollar Bash” marking Bob Dylan’s birthday and a group of women (and a few men) celebrating the awesome songbook of Joni Mitchell, also around her birthday.

So I wasn’t surprised when I saw an announcement for a Paul Simon Tribute Show at the Arcata Playhouse (also home for the Joni tribute).

I clicked on the little button on Facebook saying I was “interested.” Almost instantly my friend Joel Sonenshein messaged me asking if I might bring my camera along that night.

He’s been one of the outnumbered men at the Joni shows and had mentioned before that he was thinking about doing something based on the wide-ranging songbook of Mr. Simon. I’ve taken a mess of pics at the Joni-o-ramas over the years, and I wouldhave promised to be there, but alas, I’m going to be on the East Coast that Saturday.

That didn’t stop me from grilling Joel. First I wondered if it was going to be one of those birthday things.

No, Joel explained, “His actual [birthday] is three weeks before Joni Mitchell’s, and several of our performers do that show.”

(Paul was born October 13, 1941. Joni was born November 7, 1943, and plans are already afoot for another big Joni show.)

When  I asked an overly broad lob ball question, ‘What do you like about Paul Simon?’ Joel replied with a paraphrase from Almost Famous: “Everything?”

(To be accurate the Almost Famous rock star responded to the young journalist’s question, “What do you love about music?” saying, “To begin with, everything.”)

What’s not to like about Mr. Simon? As they put it in the show’s p.r. blast, “From touching acoustic ballads, to poetry with music, to rowdy sing-alongs to African rhythms, Paul Simon is a master of song.”

As Wikipedia notes, “Simon has earned 16 Grammys for his solo and collaborative work, including three for Album of the Year (Bridge Over Troubled WaterStill Crazy After All These YearsGraceland), and a Lifetime Achievement Award.”

Joel had to admit, “I cut my folk and folk rock-influenced musical teeth on P.S.’s music, sort of grew up with him. When I was at UMass [1966-’67 “in idyllic Amherst, Massachusetts”], I lived in a very noisy dorm. (Who didn’t?) I used to put the Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme album on my stereo, one of those with the removable speakers, and put a speaker up to each ear to drown out the noise while I went to sleep. My first headphones, if you will.”

When I continued peppering Joel with questions, he wondered, “Hey, is this an interview?” Yes, it was. “Let me tell you a story.” Please do.

“S&G did a concert at UMass in 1967 in the gym (known as ‘The Cage’). I didn't have the greatest of seats, but I saw that all the children in the audience were on the floor in front of the stage. As the lights dimmed, I snaked my way through the kiddie crowd and sat with them directly in front of Paul. He looked at me there with the kids, smiled and winked. Big moment for this star struck groupie. And having just recently discovered the joy of [herbs, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and others], let's say I was quite mesmerized by the whole experience.”

It's once again at the Arcata Playhouse, the usual time 8 p.m. Tix the usual places...

The Monster Women as imagined by Violet Crabtree

@The Sanctuary ~ Saturday Sept. 30, Doors 7pm Show 7:30 pm

Come to the Arcata premiere of The Monster Women's Lost at Sea: a music video by Violet Crabtree! The new video is a dreamy under the sea fantasy in stop-motion, animated with clay, paper and found objects. Colorful, ultra-femme, and waaaay too cute!

The Monster Women will be rockin' The Sanctuary with their highly danceable retro-grrl-group sounds, so come dance your pants off.
The Comix Trip will perform their weird comic book stories with an old-school overhead projector and a band doing live sound effects. Storytelling and visuals by Violet...always kid friendly

All Ages ~ sliding scale donation: $5-$25

@Outer Space (11th and Mst, Arcata) Sunday, 10/1 ~ 6:30-10PM // $8 // All Ages

I was intrigued by the name-dropping -- TV on the Radio, Smog, Jackie-O Motherfucker! And I know the farmers in Blackplate, so I may take a chance on this one...

Ice Balloons:
Noise rock supergroup from Brooklyn featuring members of TV on the Radio, Samiam, and many more. As much a cult as a band, helmed by a golden fly, Ice Balloons celebrates chaos as fizzles and lasers pop from every broken corner of their tumbled offerings. Bandcamp here...
Sun Foot:
Portland Los Angeles 3 piece contemporary art rock band. A strange mix of minimalism, catchy pop music and damage. Sun Foot are a true underground band worthy of recognition. Sun Foot (Ron Burns [Smog, Hot Spit Dancers, Swell], Chris Johanson [the painter, The Deep Throats, Tina Age 13], and Brian Mumford [Dragging an Ox through Water, Jackie-O Motherfucker, Thicket, Jewelry Rash]).

Blackplate (Ex Tina, Age 13):
Flood Plain Dirge Punk from Shively, CA
Always All Ages / Sober Space / Safer Space / ADA Accessible






John Whelan

John Whelan and Low Lily bring Irish and Americana Music to Arcata on a Tuesday
7X All Ireland accordion player John Whelan (from Ireland) and roots band Low Lily (from Vermont) join forces in a collaboration they call “Crossing the Atlantic”, and are bringing the show to the Arcata Playhouse! The show takes place on Tuesday, Oct 3rd, and will begin at 8 PM. Tickets are $18 (students/members) and $20 (general). For more information and to reserve, please go to or call (707) 822-1575.
Exploring the musical traditions of Ireland and America, this diverse and energetic show will showcase the fine talents of these seasoned performers. Alongside fiery uptempo Irish jigs and reels will be traditional American folk songs, original songs and instrumentals on button accordion, fiddle, guitars, mandolin and lush, layered vocals. This show brings the generations together for a fresh new take on Roots music from both sides of the pond!

It has been about a decade since legendary Irish accordion champion John Whelan has toured  California, and it has been over three years since the members of Low Lily have visited the golden state. They are thrilled to be heading back this way together in early October in this delightful collaboration! Two of the members of Low Lily (Flynn Cohen and Liz Simmons) have played in the John Whelan Band for several years now, and Lissa Schneckenburger (the third member of the trio) is an old friend of John’s. Low Lily– being steeped as they are in American roots folk music as well as Irish and Scottish music– brings some true transatlantic flavor to the mix. And John, in turn, brings his energy, experience, and deep history in Irish traditional music to the group.
Although JOHN WHELAN grew up near London in Dunstable, England, he was raised on the fiddle and pipe music of Ireland. Dunstable has a large Irish community, and his father, Denis, was from Ireland’s County Wexford. “Ours was a very traditional household,” John says. “My father didn’t have any major vices – his only addiction was to Irish music.” Denis Whelan carried a reel-to-reel tape recorder to many shows, collecting hours of live music. Songs of home elicited sentimental tears, even when the words were not in English. “It was not the words but the emotion of the music that moved me”. At the age of 14, already a seasoned winner of numerous accordion championships, John recorded his first album, Pride of Wexford. Named in honor of his father, Pride of Wexford was no passing fancy - the album is still in print and selling steadily. Since his debut album, John has recorded six more albums, and has been featured on numerous compilations. He recorded several albums with Narada Records, has collaborated with such luminaries as Bernadette Peters, Johnny Cunningham, Eileen Ivers, Tim O'Brien, and Kathy Mattea, and his music has been featured in numerous television shows and commercials. He appeared in the major motion pictures Ride with the Devil, The Drowning Plains, and Gods and Generals, and performed live on Late Night with Conan O'Brien and Fox After Breakfast. 
The Vermont-based band LOW LILY explores the roots and branches of American folk music, creating a unique brand of acoustic music that is rooted yet contemporary. Low Lily– Liz Simmons (vocals, guitar) Flynn Cohen (vocals, guitar, mandolin) and Lissa Schneckenburger (vocals, fiddle)– are all masterful players, composers and arrangers with deep relationships to traditional music styles ranging from bluegrass to Irish, Scottish, New England and Old Time Appalachian sounds. Born in San Francisco, Liz developed a unique vocal, guitar and songwriting style that draws from her childhood raised by itinerant folk musicians, and her studies in the folk and ballad traditions of Ireland, Scotland, England and America as well as contemporary folk music. She has toured with Livingston Taylor, 3X Grammy winner Tom Chapin, and Lucy Wainwright Roche, to name a few. Flynn, an Ohio native, holds a degree in Composition from Dartington College in England, and an MA from Mills College, and has toured worldwide with numerous notable acts in traditional and contemporary acoustic music, including John Whelan, Cathie Ryan and Ruth Moody. Lissa grew up in Maine as an active member of the folk community, graduated from The New England Conservatory of Music and has performed internationally as a solo artist and with Solas and Childsplay, among others. Together as Low Lily, these relatively young but well-seasoned musicians bring their considerable strengths, experience and history together to create an undeniably rich and versatile musical palette. Low Lily was recently voted #1 Most Wanted at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival (NY), they have had two #1 songs on international folk radio, and have been nominated for two New England Music Awards.