The blood bank needs your help

CORPUSCLE FUN The Northern California Community Blood Bank is experiencing a huge drop in donations due to COVID-19 and needs your help. Help ensure our hospitals have adequate blood supply by stopping by the blood center at 2524 Harrison Ave. whenever convenient. Make an appointment at (707) 443-8004 or via Above, Mark McKenna, here with Donor Care Specialist Makayla Thomas, is a regular plasma donor. There are three types of donations: whole blood (takes 45 minutes, eligible again in 56 days), plasma (takes 1 1/2 hours, eligible again in 28 days) and platelets (takes 2 hours, eligible again in 7 days). For more information, visit, or on Facebook, It’s easy, painless and you’ll have a good feeling afterwards. You’ve heard it before, but it is very true: Give the gift of life – donate blood. Matt Filar | Union


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