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Margaret Gainer: You and I can fix recycling contamination

Margaret Gainer: You and I can fix recycling contamination

Be sure to keep food waste out of your recycling container. Lastly, we are back at the first point. We must all calibrate our thinking and our habits to the priority order of Reduce first, Reuse second, and Recycle/Compost last. 

Margaret Gainer: Conditions leading to recycling contamination

To improve efficiency of collecting more recyclables at the curb, in the early 2000s, many communities changed from source separation of all the materials before set-out on the street, to dual stream.  With dual stream collection, paper and cardboard are sorted from the plastic, metal and glass beverage containers – with further separation after collection

Maggie Gainer: How we got here – the early development of recycling

Zero Waste Humboldt emphasizes waste prevention strategies at the point of purchase and materials reuse. However, we regularly receive inquiries about recycling collection, which materials are recyclable, and how to avoid contaminating the recycling cart at the curb.  An average of 25 percent of recyclables collected at the curb in Humboldt County are contaminated and

Bayside Corners: Bayside, ground zero for Zero Waste

It may surprise you to hear that Bayside has been really important for the local Zero Waste movement. Why? Meet Maggie Gainer! Maggie moved in to her Bayside home on Christmas of 1978. She founded a community development and waste reduction consulting firm in 1985 and served as Director of HSU’s Office for Economic and

January Zero Waste webinars for business

Zero Waste Humboldt HUMBOLDT – Zero Waste Humboldt’s 2021 Zero Waste Business Training and Certification Program will start as a webinar series on Tuesday, Jan. 12 and Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2021. A third webinar will be presented on Tuesday, Jan. 19 for businesses that want to earn Zero Waste certification. Those who register for the

Thursday Night Zero Waste films through October

Zero Waste Humboldt HUMBOLDT – Zero Waste Humboldt and Humboldt State University’s Waste Reduction and Resource Awareness Program (WRRAP) invite the public to watch a film series on October Thursday nights at 7:30 p.m. sharp. “These eye-opening documentaries and short videos are current and clarify many of the issues related to single use plastics production