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Arcata Police Log: A lot of this comes down to oversharing. At top volume. All night long.

Arcata Police Log: A lot of this comes down to oversharing. At top volume. All night long.

• Thursday, April 25 2 a.m. “Stop smacking me,” said one of two yellingtons on Union Street who, despite the passions of the moment, cared enough to use a slightly evocative verb. 7:16 p.m. The ridonkulous “who’d fall for that?” Social Security phone scam netted another victim, ensuring its continuation. The scammer reaped some $2,900

Arcata Police Log: Shirtless men with nothing better to do – as seen on TV!

• Monday, August 7 2:39 a.m. After being chased by some total stranger through the streets of Arcata, a man took refuge inside a downtown donut shop. 9:30 a.m. Unknown dumpers made a massive furniture delivery to L Street. Not any particular address, but the actual street. Dumpage included a trailer, mattress and furniture. 4:39

Arcata Police Log: A shimmering pageant of ‘from hell’ situations, plus yaks

• Monday, May 1 10:43 a.m. Three non-gentlemen harassing customers behind a Valley West store were all clad in a utilitarian garment – a cotton sweatshirt of sorts, with an open pocket at the front and a built-in hood. The latter feature is useful both for retaining warmth and somewhat obscuring one’s identity while going

Arcata Police Log: Frequently fortissimo fusspots foment feckless fulminations

• Thursday, February 16 10:25 p.m. Once the person arrested lying on the floor of  downtown donut shop no longer has the spins, there may be some reflective self-appraisal to work through. • Friday, February 17 7:47 a.m. This car with tinted windows drives slowly through an Alliance Road neighborhood from time to time, sometimes

Arcata Police Log: Probability cloud surrounding Schrödinger’s cash collapses

• Thanksgiving 8:42 a.m. The day’s passerby revilement got underway in Valley West, courtesy of a black-clad blurter by a gas station. 11:43 a.m. After the registered guests checked out of their Valley West motel room, two women remained in the nonsmoking room, smoking things and refusing to leave. • Friday, November 25 2:19 p.m.

Arcata Police Log: Because life is full of choices, we’re focusing on the Pygmy Pony of Mystery rather than them yammering yakholes

• Tuesday, August 16 4:26 a.m. Armed with a flashlight, a backwards baseball cap and a crazy dream, a man grubbed through the recycling at a Courtyard Circle apartment complex. 3:54 p.m. Surly sidewalk slumpers again heaped up in front of a vacant storefront on H Street, which is why it’s vacant. • Wednesday, August