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Our ever-expanding yakiverse – a shaggy cow story

Our ever-expanding yakiverse – a shaggy cow story

Mad River Union A hiker walking where they shouldn’t oughtta – the closed-to-the-public Jacoby Creek Forest (JCF) – was passed on the trail by a big, benign yak, above. Whether it was with the Yaksmen of Olde or new tenders of spirit animals isn’t clear, but nearby was a cache of camoing gear, below. The

Arcata Police Log: A shimmering pageant of ‘from hell’ situations, plus yaks

• Monday, May 1 10:43 a.m. Three non-gentlemen harassing customers behind a Valley West store were all clad in a utilitarian garment – a cotton sweatshirt of sorts, with an open pocket at the front and a built-in hood. The latter feature is useful both for retaining warmth and somewhat obscuring one’s identity while going

Arcata Police Log: Because life is full of choices, we’re focusing on the Pygmy Pony of Mystery rather than them yammering yakholes

• Tuesday, August 16 4:26 a.m. Armed with a flashlight, a backwards baseball cap and a crazy dream, a man grubbed through the recycling at a Courtyard Circle apartment complex. 3:54 p.m. Surly sidewalk slumpers again heaped up in front of a vacant storefront on H Street, which is why it’s vacant. • Wednesday, August

Skittish yak wrangled, rescued in Redwood Park

City of Arcata PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE LOOSE YAK IN REDWOOD PARK On 10/11/14 at about 2:05 PM, APD received a phone call about a loose yak on the 700 block of Fickle Hill Rd.  Officers responded and found a yak roaming free.  The yak was skittish and would not allow officers near it.