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Winchell Dillenbeck: Assemblymember Wood’s political double talk on single-payer

The Guest Opinion piece, “Healthcare reform not advanced by false facts, simplistic solutions,” (Union, Jan. 10) written by Assemblymember Jim Wood is nothing more than political double talk. Surveys show 65 percent of Californians support Single-Payer Health Care. The people are moving towards a Single-Payer Health Care system and it is only a question of

Winchell Dillenbeck: Assemblymember Jim Wood’s healthcare dog & pony show

Senate Bill 562, now stuck in the Rules Committee of the Assembly, provides single payer health care coverage for all Californians. On Dec. 5, Assemblymember Jim Wood presented to the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors a highly promoted, over-staged performance designed to sway political opinion to distract attention away from the uselessness of the Select