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McKinley’s ‘junk’ mail offers TMI revelations, fires up conspiracy theory

McKinley’s ‘junk’ mail offers TMI revelations, fires up conspiracy theory

Gorgo Lutefisk Mad River Union AF ARCATA/CANTON, April 1 – A trove of letters and artifacts from the late 1860s is lending fresh creedence to the theories of “McKinley Truthers.” The shocking discoveries paint the 25th president as ahead of his time in some unfortunate respects, and support what the McTruthers call “the Leon Czolgosz

Mad River Union Editorial: Vote yes on Measure M to save the McKinley statue, honor history

Arcatans can reaffirm their friendly, small-town values and local history by voting yes on Measure M. Doing so overrides the City Council’s peremptory, anti-democratic ruling of Feb. 21 and keep the statue of President William McKinley where it belongs – at the center of our town square. Not the council’s decision The council’s decision was

Rumors fly about McKinley payoff to postcard star; plaque’s back is back

David Dennison Mad River Union ARCATA, APRIL 1 – Voted off his granite island by the City Council, anti-Confederacy war hero and genocidal maniac William McKinley is now having his stolid bronze flanks stressed by sensational scandal. The grimacing effigy was spotted in a local tavern, exchanging heated words with a woman from out of town.

UPDATED: Petition to keep McKinley statue submitted for ballot placement

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – A petition which would overturn the City Council’s decision to remove the statue of President William McKinley from the Plaza has been submitted to the City of Arcata. It is being processed by Arcata’s city attorney, who has 15 calendar days to create a title and summary

Bob Holcomb: McKinley – history tells us he was above average, not a monster

The message was clear from the attendees at the Feb. 21 Arcata City Council meeting: if you oppose taking the McKinley statue down you are complicit in racism and, yes, the murder of oppressed people. If you don’t accept the Wiyot position favoring removal, you are guilty of continuing the imperialist oppression of which McKinley

Arcata Police Log: Just spreading the love, if by love we mean garbage and debris

• Friday, December 22 3:25 a.m. The primal appeal of wafting pastry fumes may have been overcome by the sheer drunken-lunatic density of the donut shop which one regularly encounters at this hour, as an elderly gent inside a cab out front refused, for a time, to get out of the idling taxi and head