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Sharing the beach with Western Snowy Plovers on Memorial Day

Sharing the beach with Western Snowy Plovers on Memorial Day

Friends of the Dunes HUMBOLDT – Memorial Day weekend is almost here! Enjoying our public lands on this holiday is a way you may choose to honor and reflect on the sacrifices that so many have made for our country.  If you choose to visit our public beaches this Memorial Day, you won’t be alone.

Snowy Plovers returning to restored Humboldt Bay South Spit habitat

Bureau of Land Management ARCATA – For nearly two decades, Bureau of Land Management staff in Arcata have been grooming beach habitat to encourage nesting by western snowy plovers, small shorebirds that are listed as a threatened species. For much of that time, BLM staffers were disappointed when the birds ignored the new nesting areas.

Pampered Plovers Pumped Up On Pudding, Go All Raptor

APRIL 1, 2044, CLAM BEACH – In an effort to protect the area’s dwindling population of crows, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service plans to target the birds’ primary predator – the Western Snowy Plover. The last Christmas/Festivus Audubon Bird Count revealed that there are fewer than a dozen crows residing in the Clam Beach