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Wes Green green waste drop-offs resume

Wes Green green waste drop-offs resume

City of Arcata CITY OF ARCATA’S RESIDENTIAL GREEN WASTE DROP-OFF PROGRAM RESUMES SERVICES Arcata, CA, February 23, 2021 – Eligible City of Arcata residents may resume green waste drop-off at the Wes Green Company, located at 6360 West End Road, effective immediately. Recology Arcata customers residing within city limits are eligible to self-haul and drop-off

More Anti-Environmental Activism By The Cannabis Industry – November 4, 2012

“We encourage people to handle things the right way,” Martel said. “The best management method for spent soil is reuse. Growing vegetable crops in this high-nutrient soil, or mixing it with other soil, may result in high yields. Some gardeners prefer not to use it if they don’t know the strength or type of nutrients it contains. Otherwise, you can pay a fee to use a compost facility like Wes Green Landscape Materials or one of the county’s transfer stations.