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Trinidad Tidings: Commencement ceremony in the seaside village

The happiest news of the week was the Trinidad School eighth grade commencement ceremony. The 16 graduates drove up in the family cars and wearing caps, received their diplomas from Superintendent-Principal Katie Cavanaugh and teachers Tyler Vack and Margie Cunningham.  There was a photo opportunity with photographer Cameron Cather in front of the school while

Trinidad Tidings: Trinidad stages ‘Fate Worse than Death’ or ‘The Search for Brother Bill’

Set in the seaside village of Trinidad, California at the turn of the century, the play opens with the sweet Helen (Julia Hjerpe) wandering lost looking for her dear brother Bill (John Bishop) this leads her to Jadro’s (Jim Willits) saloon where she finds herself in the clutches of dirty Dawson (played with relish by Richard (Dick) Keiselhorst), the foulest fisherman that ever unbattened a hatch in Trinidad Bay.

Trinidad Tidings: ‘Sculpted Photographs’ show opens at WCA

The Alphabet Baroque Club, featuring Maria Caswell on violin, Judiyaba on treble viol, Gwyneth Davis on bass viol, and Phebe Craig on harpsichord will perform “On the Road to Hell” during this intriguingly named Renaissance music concert, influenced by Dante’s Divine Comedy: The Inferno, The Purgatorio, The Paradiso written in 1320.  Admission is $10 to $24 on a sliding scale.