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Trinidad Tidings: Art, nature, music, history and a cautionary note

Join a Trinidad Coastal Land Trust naturalist for a walk along the Parker Creek Trail to Old Home Beach during a low tide Saturday, Aug. 12 from 9 to 11 a.m. Learn more about the natural and cultural resources of the area during the walk, focused on people and place. Special guests Allie Lindgren –

Patti Fleschner: Save the Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse

At this blessed time of year, when peace on earth, good will toward all humans, and well wishing expressions are exchanged, the 104-year-old community service organization, Trinidad Civic Club, finds itself in a push-me-pull-you situation reminiscent of Dr. Dolittle’s tale. The future of the tiny piece of land, 45 by 50 feet, on which the

Tribe seeks expansion

Note: This article was first available to Premium Subscribers on June 21.) Patrick Evans Mad River Union TRINIDAD – Property near the Trinidad Pier could become part of the Trinidad Rancheria. The Cher-Ae Heights Tribal Council is seeking federal trust status for the pier and harbor property, which would transfer governance of the area from

Trinidad highway overpass still in the works

Mad River Union TRINIDAD – Proposal to build a highway overpass along with on- and off-ramps at the Trinidad Rancheria is slowly moving forward. The Trinidad Rancheria is forming a Project Delivery Team which will work with the California Department of Transportation on a project study. The tribe has invited several agencies, including Caltrans, Humboldt