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Trinidad Tidings: Busy busy busy in the seaside village

Shirley Laos, of Yurok, Karuk and Chetco descent,  will present “What Are Baskets Made From?” at the Trinidad Museum Sunday, Oct. 8 from 2 to 4 p.m. Shirley, a member of the Cher-Ae Heights Indian Community of the Trinidad Rancheria, will present a slideshow on materials used in traditional baskets and also demonstrate how fern,

Letters to the Editor, Oct. 4, 2017

What if what we think is hogwash? Regarding the ongoing controversy over the McKinley statue placed in the Plaza by our forbearers, I would like to discuss an ideological pathology I will call “epoch-ism”; simply stated, the arrogant and unwarranted supposition that we live in a unique and special era when all wisdom and knowledge

Trinidad Tidings: Commemorations

The significance of Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse; the point of view of this columnist: A Trinidad city councilman strolled down to the Memorial Lighthouse recently to ponder the fate of this inspirational place and to take in the magnificent bay view with its bobbing boats, windy skies and rugged sea stacks, so beautiful to observe and

Plagiarism accusations during council selection

Patrick Evans Mad River Union TRINIDAD – Trinidad City Council elected new councilmember Susan Tissot March 19, filling a vacancy left by David Winnet, who stepped down in April. Tissot was elected unanimously by city councilmembers Dwight Miller, Julie Fulkerson and Jim Baker. The council received applications for the vacant position from Tissot, Doren Morgan

Fulkerson done with her run as mayor; now it’s time beach run

Julie Fulkerson’s final night serving as Trinidad’s mayor was at last Wednesday’s City Council meeting. She will remain on the City Council while Dwight Miller takes up the mayor’s gavel and Jack West becomes vice mayor. Experienced with civic duties by having previously served on both the Arcata City Council and the Humboldt County Board

City of Trinidad wants Strawberry Rock protection

Benjamin Fordham Mad River Union TRINIDAD –  The Trinidad City Council met last Wednesday, Oct. 8, and on the agenda were modifications to the Verizon cell phone tower on Trinidad Head, progress on the city’s vacation dwelling ordinance and changes in the city’s contract with the Sheriff’s Department. The council also heard from activists on