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How a dark money, grassroots greenwash badly backfired on Arcata

How a dark money, grassroots greenwash badly backfired on Arcata

This column is a giant exercise in “we told you so,” and pulls no punches. So if that sort of thing doesn’t appeal to you, avert your eyes.  The people of Arcata – and most specifically and sadly, the residents of the Westwood neighborhood – have been thoroughly bamboozled. Led by the nose into supporting

Craftsmans Mall sale could eliminate local control over site development

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – The just-announced $3.95 million sale of the 8-acre Craftsmans Mall to the Humboldt State University Foundation could eliminate the local planning process for future development of the site. In one possible scenario that the university isn’t ruling out, the Planning Commission and Arcata City Council would have no

The Village student housing project is no more

Mad River Union ARCATA – The controversial The Village student housing project, a multi-story development planned for the Craftsman’s Mall site, has been withdrawn from consideration by the applicant, Coleraine Capital/AMCAL Equities LLC, according to Community Development Director David Loya. Said Loya, “There will be no further public meetings on the topic, and the City

Arcata Mayor Winkler ‘extremely proud’ of false, divisive statements as ethicists disqualify him from annexation hearing

Winkler is also compromised in serving as mayor due to his personal business entanglements. His company, Redwood Energy, continued to consult with developer AMCAL after it had submitted a project – the Village housing development – for city approval. That disqualified him from participating in the matter and left the City Council with four members and a tied vote on the matter. Prior business relations will prevent him from participating in the decision on DANCO’s Creek Side Homes project at this Wednesday’s council meeting as well.

Council sets criteria for possible new Village project, sets developer, staff in motion

Mad River Union ARCATA CITY HALL – On a 3–1 vote with Mayor Brett Watson dissenting, the City Council tonight gave direction to a developer and city staff to evaluate a new version of The Village housing project, one that it could approve if properly configured. As stipulated by the council, the new project must

Mixed, fixed or nixed? City Council to consider two different ‘Village’ housing plans

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – Having redesigned The Village housing two times in response to City Council advice, it appears that The Village’s proponents are passing on the opportunity to do so a third time. The City Council is to decide Wednesday, March 6 between two plans for The Village housing project,

Council to reconsider revised Village housing project

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – The City Council voted last week to reconsider the revised Village housing project, rejected by default on a tied council vote last August. The project has been redesigned to address one of the principal objections to the previous plan voiced by councilmembers and citizens: Village 2019 includes