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The HUM: Halloweek is upon us

The HUM: Halloweek is upon us

You probably don’t think of Halloween as a religious holiday, but officially it’s the night before All Hallows’ Day, aka All Saints’ Day, when Christians commemorate all the saints who’ve gone to heaven.  Nowadays it’s all about black cats, jack-o’-lanterns, skulls and costumes of sexy this-and-that, as well as the new beginning of the dreadfully

Popular Arcata sound engineer Russ Cole suffers heart attack; fundraising planned

Bob Doran Mad River Union ARCATA – Last Saturday, while driving up U.S. Highway 101 to attend a friend’s memorial at Moonstone Beach, soundman extraordinaire Russ Cole felt a strange pain under his arms, something he’s experienced a couple of times the day before. He sensed he had to do something about it ASAP and

The HUM: Out Front with Front Country

What’s in a name? As a band name, Front Country was supposed to offer an alternative to “back country” to indicate their roots in the more or less urban San Francisco Bay Area where they got their start.  But after moving to Nashville, it perhaps changed its meaning. “We do have ‘Country’ in the name,

The HUM: Fall colors

It’s early October, the time of year where leaves turn fall colors and you can find Halloween costumes on the same aisle as early Xmas decorations in holiday-conscious stores. Since we’re in Humboldt County, the first weekend of this month means at least a couple of things.  First, it’s time for Pastels on the Plaza.

The HUM: Let’s get political

A few years ago I went with my wife and my dear old mom on a trip to Europe. We started in Paris, went down to the French Riviera, then through Italy, essentially following what the Brits used to call “the Grand Tour.” Shopping in a Paris flea market, I scored some cool 45s for my