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The HUM: Turn turn turning into fall and the fair

The HUM: Turn turn turning into fall and the fair

The Earth keeps turning. One season follows another, turn, turn, turn, and the days go from getting longer to getting shorter. When they’re about equal, per tradition, we call it the Autumnal Equinox. This year Fall officially starts at 12:50 a.m. (Pacific Time) on Monday, Sept. 23. People who live to the rhythm of the

The HUM: Let’s get political

A few years ago I went with my wife and my dear old mom on a trip to Europe. We started in Paris, went down to the French Riviera, then through Italy, essentially following what the Brits used to call “the Grand Tour.” Shopping in a Paris flea market, I scored some cool 45s for my

The HUM: Cool junk is itching

As July inches toward August, and the college students start trickling back into town, it seems like as good time as any for a festival of one sort or another. And there are a bunch of them, perhaps too many in fact.  Let’s start with something I’m moderately involved in, something called a “FleART Market”

The HUM: What the folk?

As summer rolls along, pulling July with it, it’s once again time for the Humboldt Folklife Society Folklife Festival, the 41st annual celebration of all local things folkish, whatever folk means.  In Humboldt it’s fairly loosely interpreted, as you can see by the musical range in the eight-days-a-week ahead (Saturday, July 13, through Saturday, July