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The HUM: Viral cancellation – musicians unemployed; businesses struggle as world shuts down

The HUM: Viral cancellation – musicians unemployed; businesses struggle as world shuts down

Excuse me if the Hum is a bit different this week, we’re living through different, difficult times. Normally I spend the first part of the week gathering information about things coming up in the week ahead so that you make plans. Last week, instead, I was fielding notices of canceled events, one after another.  Pretty

The HUM: Movin’ and Groovin’ on Leap Day 2020

This is a Leap Year, which means there’s a knock-down-dragged-out Presidential Election later on in the year, but more immediately, there’s an extra “Leap Day” added to February for arcane reasons.  My dear departed old friend, Gregg “Vinny” DeVaney would invariably explain on our dearly departed radio show Fogou, that it goes back to the

The HUM: The evolution of Humboldt culture

After hosting the weekend’s Bayside Community Hall is having an all day work party on Sunday, Feb. 2, from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. “We will be removing all kitchen contents and demoing the kitchen for our kitchen remodel,” they explain. “If you have the skills, tools, and/or want to help, please join us. Drop in and out, or stay the whole day. Any help is appreciated!” 

The HUM: Dance, Dance, Dance (with go-go dancers!)

Another night of dance music Thursday at ATL, this one’s called “College Night.” With doors 10 p.m. it’s clearly aimed at students who “have a late start on Fridays!” Music comes from Techstep, from the college station, KRFH, plus Eluid out of L.A. and Nips from Sacramento, all spinning house and “tasteful trap mixes” influenced by Diplo, and all with the ATL Dance Team. ATL notes, “Over the past four months our beautiful dancers have been a prominent feature upon the stage. Come be captivated as they are sure to make you stare.” I guess they’re basically GoGo dancers.

The HUM: MLK Jr. & All That Jazz

When I was a boy growing up, I learned to love jazz music. My folks had an “entertainment center” of some sort in the living room, and they’d play records by Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, lots of jazz.  Those were their favorites, although my mom also loved show tunes and my dad