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Letters to the Editor: Thoughts on McKinley, Trump and other pressing matters

Letters to the Editor: Thoughts on McKinley, Trump and other pressing matters

Leave McKinley alone I have watched the statue of William McKinley be trashed and mocked for no good reason and for years on end. McKinley became President in an era when Irish workers were greeted with signs  saying “No Irish Need Apply.”  Thank you for noticing that he deserves better. Julie Timmons Eureka A slice

Letters to the Editor: On Baywood logging and the Trump ties to the Kremlin

A destructive logging plan Recently, several articles have appeared in the Mad River Union regarding the proposed timber harvest plan at the Baywood Golf and Country Club, which is located on Buttermilk Lane, in Humboldt County, just east of the Arcata city limits. Baywood Golf Course, by the way, is in an area zoned residential.

House panel blocks Trump’s effort to slash tsunami warning system

Paul Mann Mad River Union HUMBOLDT/WASHINGTON, D.C. – The powerful House Appropriations Committee has fully funded the Tsunami Warning Program for Fiscal 2018, snubbing President Trump’s attempt to eliminate $11 million from a system considered indispensable by North Coast preparedness officials in the event of a major Pacific earthquake. The Appropriations Committee wields power over

Trump rebuffs Obama’s détente with Cuba

Note: Mad River Union reporter Paul Mann recently returned from a visit to Havana, Cuba. He shares some news and thoughts about the the country. – Ed. Paul Mann Mad River Union LA HABANA VIEJA – This intriguing 16th-century city some 20 miles north of the Tropic of Cancer has cosmopolitan charm. Untold Americans are about