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Temperance League Fountain to get historical plaque

Temperance League Fountain to get historical plaque

Steve Robles Mad River Union ARCATA – The Arcata City Council voted last week to form language for a plaque at the Women’s Christian Temperance Union fountain on the Plaza. Following a unanimous vote, in which only City Manager Karen Diemer briefly mentioned the history of the temperance movement, the council formed a subcommittee comprised

Temperance League Fountain fixed for 1/90th of estimate; civic sobriety gets big, wet boost

Mad River Union ARCATA PLAZA – “Nine thousand dollars?! Not good enough!” exclaimed Action Mayor Brett Watson as he pounded the meeting table in City Hall. Leveling his steely gaze at the assembled city employees, the incensed mayor’s nostrils flared in outrage. “This shall not stand. I expect that fountain fixed – cheaper, better and

UPDATED: A-town bigwigs scrub the bubbler, and it’s working again

UPDATE: The fountain is fixed! It has new faucets see photo below) , and the pavement doesn’t look to have been disturbed. Developing… – Ed. Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – Everyone knows that Arcata’s elected leaders mostly spend their time in their posh City Hall offices lounging on overstuffed satin pillows, savoring canapés and

Town divided, accusations fly over controversial Plaza monument

Ray Rumsey Mad River Union ARCATA, APRIL 1 – One of the Plaza’s most venerable fixtures, next to Sunflower, is the Temperance League Fountain on the square’s west side. The 1912-vintage fountain is also one of the town’s most divisive landmarks, with advocates for removal doing rhetorical battle with fountain loyalists online and in public