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Sunny Brae aces math competition

Sunny Brae aces math competition

Arcata School District ARCATA –  The annual MATHCOUNTS competition was held virtually this year, and once again Sunny Brae Middle School students did an outstanding job, scoring first, second, fourth and fifth place at the county level. If the event had been in-person, the students would have won as a team. Maile Russell earned first

Meet the championship Sunny Brae Middle School Girls Cross Country Team

Sunny Brae Middle School SUNNY BRAE – The Sunny Brae Middle School Girls Cross Country Team earned first place in the 2018 Cross Country Championships for 6th through 8th grade girls on Oct. 18. The team, coached by Sunny Brae math teacher Amy Taylor, consists of 12 girls, some new to the sport and some

Baywood’s logging plan approved

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union SUNNY BRAESIDE – The Timber Harvest Plan (THP) filed by Baywood Golf and Country Club has been approved by the California Dept. of Forestry and Fire Protection (CalFire). A letter dated Aug. 10 and signed by Forester II Chris E. Curtis of the agency’s Santa Rosa office notifies Baywood’s

Updated: Baywood logging decision delayed again

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union SUNNY BRAESIDE – Final approval of Baywood Golf and Country Club’s logging plans has been further delayed. Approval of THP 1-17-044HUM had been expected within 15 days of the June 29 Second Review, though that was later put off until last Friday, Aug. 4. But when Friday rolled around,

Daryl Chinn: Caution, communication and cooperation key to Baywood timber harvest

Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Region Headquarters 135 Ridgeway Avenue Santa Rosa, CA 95401 RE: THP 1-17-044 HUM To Members of the Department: I live on the City of Arcata portion of Buttermilk Lane, which is about two miles long and about evenly divided between portions in unincorporated Humboldt County and Arcata City limits.

Arcata plans major street upgrades, seeks input

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – With Valley West and various central Arcata Street Improvement Projects completed over the past few years, the City of Arcata is ramping up for major road improvements to two of Arcata’s lengthy “gateway” streets. Last week, the city invited residents to a briefing on the projects, where

Wheetley Is New Mayor, Winkler Is Vice

Union Staff Report CITY HALL – In a brief ceremony attended by students of Arcata Elementary School and Sunny Brae Middle School this morning in Council Chamber, Arcata Mayor Shane Brinton relinquished the City Council’s top post and was replaced in that role by Mayor Mark Wheetley. The council vote, made on a motion by

SBMS's Amy Hubbard Is Humboldt County Teacher Of The Year – September 21, 2012

“The greatest contribution I have given to education is the hours I put in helping kids,” Hubbard said. “I truly love my job and get up every morning excited to go to work. It is so amazing to be part of the learning process in a middle school child’s life. It is incredibly rewarding to watch them struggle with something and then get so excited when they get it—there is nothing quite like it.”