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Companion Animal Foundation: A lap-ready Ragdoll – the incredible Iggy

Companion Animal Foundation: A lap-ready Ragdoll – the incredible Iggy

This week we’re excited to introduce you to Iggy, a one-year-old Ragdoll mix with the super powers of ultra affection, extreme playfulness and superb napping!  This is Iggy’s second time looking for a home through Companion Animal Foundation. His first adopter was not quite prepared for one of the most common of cat behaviors: scratching

New Bayside Books is Sunny Brae’s tiny but complete literary oasis

  Mad River Union SUNNY BRAE – Matthew and Tara Brockmeyer love books, writing and just about anything to do with the written word. He’s a published novelist (Kind Nepenthe) and short story writer, and she edits a literary magazine (Deciduous Tales). To those literary bona fides, the two may now add “bookstore owners.” Bayside

Companion Animal Foundation: Brace yourself. Kitty season is almost upon us – Fix a Feral for $15

Kitten season is quickly approaching! Now is the time to spay and neuter your neighborhood feral cats.  We are happy to announce that we’re offering a Fix a Feral for $15 offer, which is a discount on our already existing feral spay/neuter voucher program. We are able to offer vouchers to anyone living from Arcata north

Companion Animal Foundation: Seeking home for these two little angels

Seeking fosters for two sweet dogs! Companion Animal Foundation is looking to expand our pool of experienced fosters (or those eager to learn) so we can provide warm homes for our adoptable dogs in the evenings. Gideon and Gabriel are 11-month-old brothers recovering from being hit by a car and they are still adjusting to

Companion Animal Foundation: Popsicle is ready to melt in your arms

Meet Popsicle! Named for his tendency to melt in your arms when he is picked up, this bright-eyed, carrot-colored tabby has a lot of love to share with his forever family. Popsicle and his brother Creamsicle are wonderfully interactive with visitors, dogs and their current kitty roommates. They are especially fond of playing with all

Companion Animal Foundation: Meet Link, a mighty 4-lb. warrior

Meet Link, a mighty 4-lb. warrior with an adventurous spirit and a heart of gold. His foster mom named Link and his siblings Zelda, Sheik and Kirby after heroic video game characters, and they have proved true to the courageous, problem-solving nature of their namesakes. Link is the only kitten left of his siblings available